Равшана Куркова впервые прокомментировала новость о замужестве
Some time ago the Internet spread information about the marriage of a famous actress Ravshan Kursovoy and stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev.

Равшана Куркова впервые прокомментировала новость о замужестве

And the reason for such rumors is the photographs that young people published almost simultaneously in their microblogs. And Ravshan even the most observant noticed the engagement ring.

“Not just married, and already pregnant, if you believe the journalists. Apparently, a couple of months face, then divorce and then all the same. Not buried yet, and thank God. My advice: guys go to write the scripts of science fiction films — don’t ruin talent, working in the tabloids. In this industry, just a shortage of good writers with imagination.

I think that, in fact, journalists and don’t need my comments regarding what is really going on in my life — they’ve done well for yourself… So I decided in any case not to disturb them,” — said the actress.

As a result, Ravshan and was not a direct answer to the question if she is married, the woman decided to keep the intrigue.

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