Ravshana Kurkova appeared on the set with her daughter

Равшана Куркова появилась на съемках вместе с дочкой
The actress showed looks like a girl.

Ravshana Kurkova and Diane Antolak

Photo: @rav_shana Instagram Ravshan Kursovoy

In the microblog Ravshan
Kurkovas recently appeared it combines the together with her daughter. Of course,
the actress only has the girl on-screen mom. However, the young Diana Antosiak
was so similar to me like that many at first took it for
native daughter Kursovoy. Fans agreed that the Russian actress very
is the role of mother and wished her to quickly translate the screen image to life.

However, the children Kurkovas
too early to say. Last month it became known that the actress broke up with
my fiance — Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin. Now Ravshan, to distract from sad
thoughts, immersed himself in the work. She not only starred in the new film, but also successfully closed its first theatrical season, which missed the opening of the festival. But her ex-boyfriend — Bachurin has already started
to appear at social events with a new companion.

By the way, recently on
the set of the new film “something’s wrong with the parents” with the participation of Ravshan appeared Artyom Tkachenko. Turned out
that eight years later after a divorce the former spouses have been in the same film project. Artem
and He will pull you back in — they’ll play a married couple,
overcoming a family crisis. However, the reunification of the actors in real life
as can be expected. Very soon the current wife of Artem — Eugene Hrapovicky give him his second child.

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