Ravshana Kurkova and Alexander PAL became leading First channel

Равшана Куркова и Александр Паль стали ведущими Первого канала
The actors will conduct a joint show of an old movie.

Photo: Instagram

After the global changes on the First channel there was a huge amount of free airtime for new projects. One of these was the transfer of “movie Time”. Leading the project — known actors Alexander PAL and ravshana Kurkova, will meet on weekends and work together to revise the old national cinema. Thus, they try to gain a better understanding of parents — moms, dads, and grandparents. Ravshan and Alexander, along with the program guests will discuss the films that once enjoyed great audience success (“Girl with no address”, “cook”, “Vertical”, “troublemaker”, “Hello and goodbye” and others).

“Sasha and a PAL willing to try out unusual for us role — the role of leading, — said Ravshan. This Saturday’s program we’ll be with you to watch good old Soviet cinema, argue, tell all sorts of interesting things about the movie, about the era in which they were shot. The old box office hits talk about the past better than any textbook. They will help us to understand what lived, what laughing, what crying in darkened rooms by our parents and whether we differ from them. This movie, though sometimes naive, but very sincere, honest when talking about love, duty, strength of spirit, about what is really important at all times. The first issue of “movie Time” will be held on 9th December at 15.15, in the meantime, yesterday and today, in full swing. Excited!”