Рейтинг песен, в тексте которых не нужно искать смысл

5 stars out of boring songs is the legendary “About her and about the pussy” by Katya LEL. The song appeared in 2003, and crazy still. This song became one of the biggest hits of the singer Katya LEL. But about what she sings, it is not necessary to invent! In fact, with this song, the singer flies to the top of the charts, radio and music channels. Author of words and music – Maxim Fadeev. He has written for singer and other hits, such as “Jaga-Jaga”. It is obvious that the fantasy Maxim, everything is fine, as with the convergence of the tastes of its audience! Since the album “Jaga-Jaga”, which was released in 2004 year — went platinum! Did Katya LEL ‘ a real star!
In 4th place were no less corrosive song “Paryski-Bumps” Potap and Nastya. The song has more than 10 years, and the mystery about what IFS – not solved neither. But despite the fact that “the walls are all in the tank, Bob, you sho gonish?” okay so teases the nervous system, the clip on You Tube was viewed 23 million times. And it’s no wonder! After all, the farm is able to make anything sweet. Here, for example the hit song “chumachechaya spring” appeared thanks to the alcoholic.
“I heard it from one alcoholic on one of the streets. He had no teeth, he tried to say the word “crazy”, but got “camacazi”. Six months later, I used it in the song,” — says Potap.
Only on You Tube the movie has collected 20 million views.

Рейтинг песен, в тексте которых не нужно искать смысл
On honorable 3 place lyrics about seafood. Just imagine how can you sing about an octopus with jellyfish that it has revised more than 80 million times on You Tube. And how many times this song has undermined the dance floor and twisted bagel in our ears when I heard it on the radio? You listened to the text? No? Then try to decipher! The song sings about the fact that someone will not see in the sky a sign to lose eight legs, again in a world of emptiness, and in Medusa – octopus! Perfectly well, right? The author is Matrang, aka Alan Khajuraho that the originality of his creation does not disprove.

Рейтинг песен, в тексте которых не нужно искать смысл
“I understand that you write something abstract and strange, but when I wrote the chorus, I realized that my head is still something not right! All pinned and said – stop the music,” the singer admitted.
But he did not listen to advice of people.
To 2nd place on the broken legs and in Diadema hobbled the group “Time and glass” with its lyrics about numerama a “Troll”. Leggy Nadia Dorofeeva humorous and Positive in the fall of 2017 have released a bomb, which ripped all the radio stations, our ears, and You Tube, which gathered 162 million views. A rhythmic set of words, a melody that is easy to remember and beautiful girls in the clip.
Champion promiscuity was Verka Serduchka! And the song that I almost flunked in deep shock legendary “Lasha Tumbai”, which means “whipped cream”.

“I borrowed these words from Choi, he had the song “Boshetunmai”. Just want better sound – rewrote “Lasha tonbi”. I was told the Mongolian that means “whipped butter”. To be honest, I never delved! Mongol – not Mongolian! It is, in fact, makes no sense!”, — admitted in an interview with the artist.
The song only then is hit when she is on everyone’s lips!

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