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Распутину взбесили разговоры о Ермакове The singer came to the Studio of the program “actually”, but the shooting broke. Masha Rasputina has not stood the questions asked by the expert transfer. The singer refused to talk about ex-husband.
Распутину взбесили разговоры о Ермакове

A few weeks ago, he died Vladimir Ermakov, ex-husband of Masha Rasputina. The man was invited to the Studio of the program “actually”, but died of an epileptic seizure shortly before the shooting. However, Masha Rasputina came pre-testing on the lie detector, but categorically refused to speak about the former husband, therefore, with the scandal left the room where tested.

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Despite the loud resonance, caused by the death Ermakova, the creators of the talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev decided once again to take the picture again, inviting the civil wife of Vladimir, Svetlana Istratov. The broadcast Studio also came the journalist who last spoke with the deceased and a close friend Ermakova.

Five years ago, Masha Rasputina said the public and the media that her husband raped their common daughter Lydia. The actress has accused former husband and that he put the girl in a psychiatric hospital.

“He was going to the shooting, and did not mind until the last moment. He wanted to clear his name. He failed as a person, as a man. He suffered greatly, he never said that. Then I got epilepsy,” – said in the Studio, civil wife Ermakova.
Распутину взбесили разговоры о Ермакове

Svetlana shared that Ermakov had suffered and did not admit his guilt in the rape of his daughter. “He could not stand the dirty linen. Lydia was afraid mom and journalists. It seemed to me that it seemed,” said Istratov.

Experts were asked questions heroin, during which it became clear: Svetlana Ermakova periodically beaten and stolen together with his son money from the elderly man. The experts also agreed that the civil wife of Vladimir Ivanovich was jealous of Rasputina. Istratov also wanted to be a singer like Mary, but she did not. The age difference between Istratova and Ermakov was 30 years old, but the woman assured all those present at the talk show that loved the deceased spouse did not want to hurt him.

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“The fact that I did not know that he had what it took. He told me he gave money. Secretly took. I took a little bit of money on clothes and on the road. I was afraid to stay, that I will not come here” – he met Svetlana.
Распутину взбесили разговоры о Ермакове

Istratova and the audience was shown fragments of the test of Masha Rasputina lie-detector a few weeks ago. Specialist asked the singer questions relating to eldest daughter Lydia, and their relationships to date.

“Yes we are fine, everything is fine. Conflict, some parasites and bastards tried to ruin our relationship. Young girl seduced. Make a mistake in the upbringing,” said the artist.

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Further, the expert was asked a star which child she loves more and bother if her past eldest daughter. Rasputin said that he loves both heiresses and is not shy about Lydia, despite her sad past in a psychiatric hospital.

“I felt bad that she went against me. She repented and we have a very good relationship. When she went against me, I didn’t visit her in the hospital. I love them both equally. I have a love for one another equally,” said Rasputin in preliminary testing.
Распутину взбесили разговоры о Ермакове

However, the response Rasputina was a lie. “I think she was cunning”, – said the expert in the Studio. The expert noted that the singer categorically refused to talk about ex-wife]. Unable to withstand another question regarding the ex-husband, the artist with the scandal left the room where tested.