Rare the young Alla Pugacheva blew Network

Редкий снимок молодой Аллы Пугачевой взорвал Сеть The famous singer, published an archival photograph in which she is depicted in her childhood. Young Alla Pugacheva in the glasses made a splash on the Internet. Fans of the singer found that she always looked amazing.

Today, may 19, Russia is celebrating pioneer Day. A special date that was set in the Soviet Union, so much loved by millions of people in the country that it will continue to remember until now. Many stars of show business joined the celebrations and shared archival photographs in social networks. Among them was Alla Pugacheva.

Diva has posted a vintage picture in which she poses in a young age. On rare frame a future star of show business appears to be a serious girl that wears sunglasses in a round frame. Apparently, already in childhood Alla was different in purpose and a high degree of responsibility is evident in her eyes.

“Pioneer! Be ready, always ready! If I knew then what kind of life I was prepared, and the fate of this motto pioneer”, – said Pugachev in his microblog.

Fans of celebrity was delighted with the pictures. Baby the singer made a splash on the Network. Fans of Alla Pugacheva found that she always looked terrific. They also expressed the wish to continue to see rare retro footage, which depicted the singer. “Super”, “You’re clever”, “Alla, you don’t change! You are our eternal”, “you are such a gentle and beautiful”, “great pioneer”, “You are gorgeous”, “good health to you and your family”, “holiday”, “Very stylish”, “Thank you for your work, very fond of you,” wrote in the comments of the post Diva.

Some followers Alla found that her grandson Nikita Presnyakov – copy grandmother in his youth. They were astonished at the striking resemblance and were quick to share their opinions with other users of social networks.

Note also that in the Internet appeared the archival photo of the daughter star Christina Aguilera. Fans of the singer posted a picture on her fan page, congratulating my subscribers with the Day of pioneers. The publication of Christina’s fans caused approving reaction on the Internet. “Be prepared” “Positive picture”, “Beauty”, “Personally, I was lucky enough to be Octobrist and pioneer, and Komsomol… Childhood was wonderful,” was discussed by the subscribers microblog.

By the way, earlier, journalists wrote that Alla loves to sing his charming Lisa and Harry pioneer songs. About it the correspondent told the neighbors of a celebrity in a village near Moscow the Dirt. Lovely kids enjoy listening to his beloved mother. Apparently, they grow very artistic. Maxim Galkin gave Harry and Lisa photoshoot in the castle