Редкие фото: Жизель Бундхен и Том Брэди отметили 10 лет со дня свадьбы

26 Feb in the life of a 38-year-old Gisele Bundchen and 41-year-old Tom Brady was the most momentous event in the life: the couple got married! For 10 years spouses pleasing each other. Yesterday, the pair celebrated 10 years of marriage, sharing in a network of rare photos from the wedding.

Редкие фото: Жизель Бундхен и Том Брэди отметили 10 лет со дня свадьбы

In the photo touching moment: Giselle lace dress and veil Dolce&Gabbana holding the hands of his chosen one at the altar. Star can’t believe that already 10 years together with her partner. “I can’t believe it’s been ten years since we decided to live this life together. Ten incredible years! For me there is nothing more precious than you and our family. I wish to grow old together, walking hand in hand, loving and supporting each other many, many years,” wrote Gisele.

Редкие фото: Жизель Бундхен и Том Брэди отметили 10 лет со дня свадьбы
In addition, Giselle put a few archival photos and the translation of greetings in Portuguese. Brady was not in debt still and put even more touching moment of the wedding kiss! “Ten years ago, I didn’t realize how much I can love you, and family that we have created. My heart is full and I am very happy! I know that our path hasn’t always been easy, but the difficulties that we have overcome, brought us together and our love has become deeper. Thank you that you love me, support my dreams and care about our family because as soon as you can. You give me love, light and a sense of confidence. I love you and our family,” wrote Brady.

Recall that Gisele Bundchen is not only the most recognizable supermodel, mother and follows a healthy lifestyle. Based on my experience, Giselle has written a book “Lessons: my journey to a meaningful life”. In it she tells how to know yourself, to deal with life’s difficulties, and much more.
With 14 years Giselle began to be photographed for gloss and to represent the brands. The famous lingerie brand Victorias Secrets offered Giselle a contract for $ 25 million, which was a record and made it much more popular. Reinforced the glory of model of the novel with Leonardo Di Caprio. But not everything is as rosy as it might seem at photos of beautiful models and stories about the ideal of life. During one of the flights in 2013 was the shaking of the plane. Then Giselle had experienced a panic attack that still haunts her. “I always considered myself a positive person, so I try not to pay attention to these problems. I felt that I’m not allowed to feel bad. But still I felt helpless. The world around you is shrinking more and more, you’re choking… It was the worst thing I have ever experienced,” says in an interview with Bundchen.

Panic attacks began to pursue model homes, what makes her horrible thoughts. “I really thought if I just jump down from the balcony, it’ll end and I’ll never have to experience that terrible feeling of space, which shrinks around you.”

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