Rare photo: Navka and Sands called all of his children at a slumber party

Редкое фото: Навка и Песков собрали всех своих детей на пижамной вечеринке
Famous skater showed real family idyll.

Tatiana Navka definitely a very lucky woman. She lives in love, peace and harmony. This proves the photo, which appeared yesterday in a personal blog eldest daughter Tatiana, Sasha Galinoy. A girl posted a very cute family picture, where the Pastor is surrounded by favorite people. They are all dressed in robes — apparently, the end of carnival star family celebrated in the bath.

“Pajama party” came all the children Peskov Navka and Nikolai Cowls — Dmitri from his first marriage with Anastasia Budennoy, his children from his second marriage with Catherine Sand, daughter Elizabeth and sons Mick and Danny. Of course, attended by Sasha Zhulin, daughter Navka and Alexander Zhulin, and, of course, the favorite of the whole family — Nadya Peskova.

Cute home photo delighted fans Navka and her family. “What you have a big gang!” delightedly noticed they. “What friendly, always remain so!”

Apparently, the original hostility of the adult children of Tatiana and Dmitry to each other, which is so much written in the press in the first years of their Union, naturally went to “no”. All managed to get used for the sake of peace and happiness of the parents. The more that they really share nothing: each successfully does their job, all studying at prestigious universities.

“Quarrels and disputes are inevitable part of any creative process, especially when partners care about what they do. It’s like in family life, because no pair, in which there would be no conflict. But if people really love each other and are able to forgive, they find ways to compromise,” told the Post in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days”.