Rapunzel: Kristina Asmus boasted the appearance of a daughter

«Рапунцель»: Кристина Асмус похвасталась внешностью дочки
The artist gave his daughter to the dance.

My daughter Christine Asmus and Garik Kharlamov

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram

Kristina Asmus once again admired the appearance of his three-year daughter. Actress again boasted of her unusually long hair.

Anastasia is not by years of long hair, for fans of the actress called it “Rapunzel”, in honor of a character from the same cartoon. In the comments to the photo Asmus noted that baby yet never sheared. The photo was taken in a kindergarten on morning. In the discussion of the picture Anastasia had been the husband of actress Garik Kharlamov and family friend Timur Batrutdinov also admiring the girl.

The other day, by the way, it became known that Kristina will take part in the remake of “the Pokrovskie gate”. The unusual project is that each script will be read only once unique cast! “Recently
came the company of “the Butterfly Effect” with which we met at
the film “Gravity” and offered the wonderful story — “MOVIE
the idea, on the stage of the theater, the famous people, they face
lecterns, on which lie the texts of the scenarios are very well-known
the Soviet cinema. It seemed to us that it could be extremely interesting…

Artists do not rehearse coming together just this evening. The project is not recorded on film, not played the second time. Those who came, they will see it, not gonna see it again no one ever. To start we decided to use a completely “unexpected” called “the Pokrovskie gate” — ironically Oleg Menshikov.