Рэпер T-Killah высмеял Диану Арбенину

The singer starred in the video of the party’s “Main stage”, which is very vigorously condemned the jury member of project Diana.

In an episode of the second season of “the Main stage”, which in the fall was on the channel “Russia 1”, a scandal erupted. Singer Paul Rodney played the song “neighborhoods” group “Beasts”, and so pissed off jury member of the show Diana Arbenina, she rudely stated novice by all their outrage. The guy eventually made it to the next round, but osadochek, as they say, remained.

Now, coming up with the plot for the video for the song “Nobody”, Paul decided to play out that same situation. To help him volunteered the Creator of “Diary of the cross” Amiran Sardaro, participant of the fourth season of “the Voice” Oleg Miami and the rapper T-Killah, who acted as producer of the movie.

“I loved working with Sasha T-Killah, – said Rodney. — Sasha and I met at one of the gigs, after some time decided to collaborate in the Studio, and the result is a great track “Nobody’s”, we decided to make a video”.

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The result was a humorous banter video. Show “Main stage” has become a program of “great Talent”, and members of the jury Valery Leontiev, Vladimir Presnyakov and Diana Arbenina, which was sitting in a real transmission, went to singer Sasha T-Killah, star of “the Voice” Oleg Miami and Amiran Sardarov, known to all on the blog, “diary of the cross”.

“I are happy with the final product,” says T-Killah. I’m sure that the video and song will become real hits this summer.”

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