Рэпер T-killah женится The musician shared good news. Rapper T-killah made an offer to the other half in the Maldives. Touched the girl hurried to give consent, and then shared emotions in social networks.
Рэпер T-killah женится

Rapper Alexander Tarasov, better known as T-killah, proposed to his fiancée, TV presenter Maria Belova. The man decided to show originality, so arranged for the second half. He arranged a romantic date in the Maldives, decorating the beach with petals of red roses. The ring was handed to the girl the song of the musician “You are sweet”, which will be officially presented just a few weeks.

Of course, Mary was pleasantly shocked by this surprise and hastened to agree. A little later, the girl shared emotions in Instagram.

“Now, Yes indeed! My darling, my treasure, my all! I’m happy forever! You are my ideal, my world! Even could not imagine that everything can be so perfect! 19.05 – I agreed to my beloved man. Dear friends and family, thank you for not breaking,” wrote Beebe in the social network.

Fans were delighted with the touching pictures taken right on the sandy beach. They rushed to congratulate Maria and wish her a long and happy family life. “Well, it finally happened. Sanya handsome, insanely happy for you, you are really two halves”, “Not every man is capable of such a romantic gesture. You are very lucky”, “tears welling as Much, so it’s nice and gentle” – opinions of fans of the star couple.

A little later, the artist posted a video, which depicted the most romantic moments of the evening. On the beach the screen was installed on which was broadcast the new song of rapper dedicated to the beloved. Maria also said that the first who found out about the forthcoming wedding, was her mother. The lovers hastened to contact the relative of the stationery and share her emotions.

Recall that for the first time about the relationship of Mary and Alexander became known after the lovers came together for the wedding of rapper Mota. They did not hide their feelings, constantly hugging and posing for the cameras. Later in Instagram, both stars began to appear romantic shots.

Mary is known not so much. The girl has worked as a presenter on the TV channel “Russia 24”. In 2011, she married businessman Ilya Likhtenfeld, but 2013 their relationship ended in divorce.

Rapper T-killah at all long been considered a ladies ‘ man. He regularly attributed novels with models and stars of domestic show-business. However, the man chose not to advertise personal life before I met Mary. Apparently, only the presenter was able to win the heart of a musician. Fans believe that the pair is going to throw a massive celebration, which invited their famous friends.