Rapper T-Killah had an affair with “Miss Kazakhstan”

Рэпер T-Killah закрутил роман с «Мисс Казахстан» Despite his busy schedule working on new songs, by enough time and privacy. Rumor has it, that Alexander has a new beloved.

      Рэпер T-Killah закрутил роман с «Мисс Казахстан»

      Rapper T-Killah, also known as Alexander Tarasov, prefer to relax in the company of friends and beautiful girls. In March, the young man worked hard in the Studio and filmed his new music video, and now relaxes in the gym and at parties.

      The day before the contractor showed in his microblog as friend, Oleg Miami, in a good mood go to the car and sing songs. “StarHit” has learned that the rapper appeared on one of the social events on Thursday night accompanied by a spectacular long-legged brunette. It turned out that T-Killah had fun in the company of model Katrin Grigorenko. According to some, she is the winner of the title “Miss Kazakhstan in 2016”. Couple passionately about something whispering, trying not to catch the eye of secular photographers – the lovers carefully concealed his novel. From the event they left together.

      “They are together not so long ago, met at a party of mutual friends. So I don’t want to advertise their relationship, afraid to jinx it”, – told “StarHit” one from musician’s friend.

      In Instagram models, who came from Kazakhstan to conquer Moscow, also there hasn’t been one hint of the new darling. On the page Katya prefers to post photos from the portfolio, the bouquets of flowers from secret admirers or a selfie.

      Рэпер T-Killah закрутил роман с «Мисс Казахстан»

      Rapper T-Killah has a great taste in choosing women. Alexander has recently released a music video for “Good morning”, in which it is surrounded by spectacular beauty in lingerie. In the story video, artist dreams of a girl with whom he was having an affair. But then it becomes clear from the clip that passion in the young man are constantly changing. “This is the story of my life! I so almost every morning! The only difference that I Wake up not with so many girls!” – told the author of the clip.

      Рэпер T-Killah закрутил роман с «Мисс Казахстан»

      By the way, in a recent interview with T-Killah told what a darling he would like to see next to each other. “The perfect girl has to tickle my back before bed. If it succeeds in another, you know what I mean, it is possible to prepare not necessarily. Well, actually, it would be nice if she could cook the soup and all sorts of other interesting dishes! She’s a girl! The kitchen is her territory. Although it’s easy with me, I lead a healthy life I have proper nutrition,” shared the rapper.

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