Рэпер T-Killah не может смириться со смертью отца Businessman Ivan Tarasov died after two strokes. T-Killah spoke about the departure of his father only nine days after the funeral. The young man that it’s hard to believe in something that is very close to him anymore.

    Рэпер T-Killah не может смириться со смертью отца

    Rapper T-Killah, also known as Alexander Tarasov, said in microblogging about the terrible tragedy that befell his family. Passed away beloved father of the musician, the businessman Ivan Tarasov. 69-year-old businessman died in the intensive care unit of a Moscow clinic after two strokes.

    Rapper T-Killah few days had kept quiet about the trouble that had come to their house. And only nine days after the funeral he decided to tell fans about befell his family bereavement. 27-year-old young man admits that is not yet able to accept the death of his father, with whom they were very close.

    “It’s been a little more than nine days, but still can’t believe it. You know I was the main example in life will remain forever. Forever in my heart. I promise to love and cherish our mother. Your son” – such words were written by the rapper T-Killah in microblogging, posting a picture together with father.

    The piercing post is not left without attention of fans of rap. In the comments they write to Alexander Tarasov, the words of grief, support and sympathy. “San, hang in there, we are with you”, “It’s very hard, my condolences, be strong!”, “People appreciate their parents while they are alive. Sasha, I’m so sorry!”, “Eternal memory! Dads never die, just next to be longer”, “the Kingdom of heaven! Great loss for family and loved ones. The most precious thing we have is our parents” – responded to by the grief of his followers.

    Рэпер T-Killah не может смириться со смертью отца

    According to some, the first stroke, the father of rapper T-Killah Ivan Tarasov suffered five years ago. After this terrible diagnosis, all the forces and means of the family were thrown on the restoration and rehabilitation of Ivan Alekseevich. It is known that Ivan Tarasov was engaged in construction business 80-e years was the Director of a large plant for the production of truck “ZIL”. He approved his son’s choice to play music and supported him as best they could. According to the artist, his father was his best friend and Advisor.

    We will remind, for the first time about the rapper T-Killah, as a promising musician began in 2010, when in a duet with the graduate of “Factory of stars” he played the song “Above ground”.

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