Рэпер T-Killah и Амиран Сардаров записали трек с живыми обезьянами For about a week the song “Monkey” holding the three leaders of the Russian iTunes. Today the guys released the video for this song. For the filming of the movie Alexander Tarasov had to turn into a Primate.

      Рэпер T-Killah и Амиран Сардаров записали трек с живыми обезьянами

      The track “Monkey” rapper T-Killah and the most popular blogger Amiran Sardarov, vlahov the author of “the Diary of the cross”, kept in the top three of the charts of the Russian iTunes.

      For guys this is not the first experience of joint cooperation. In winter, the boys shot a video for the track “This is normal”, which not only was at the top of iTunes, but also took leading positions in the domestic charts. On this T-Killah and Amiran decided not to stop and recorded the summer hit “Monkey.”

      “As planned, the song needs to be screaming monkeys,” says Amiran. And so, without thinking twice, we decided to record real monkeys. It was extremely difficult, as they are very active, always somewhere to climb and destroy the Studio for us”.

      After recording the track Amiran and T-Killah have decided to make a video in one of the most fashionable among the Metropolitan party places club “Motel”. The producer of the clip became Valentyn Grosu, known to many by working with Vera Brezhneva, Alexander Marshal and other stars. Especially for this the club built a real jungle.

      Рэпер T-Killah и Амиран Сардаров записали трек с живыми обезьянами“One of our ideas was to make me a monkey mask on one part of the face,” says T-Killah. It was an extremely complex story. We’ve been looking for people, people who can make really high quality work. Addressed even in a film Studio in the UK and America, but in the end there were guys in Russia who did a really cool make-up”.

      Except T-Killah and Amiran Sardarov in the clip, it will be the star of the show “the Voice” Oleg Miami and blogger Afonya TV. Video can be seen on the official channel of “the Diary of the cross” or the music channels.

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