Рэпер Серега переехал в Россию Today, February 17, at STS starts the fourth part of the show “Balanced people.” The concept is the same – 18 people with obesity lose weight under the supervision of experts. But the experts have changed. In the role of leading made Anfisa Chekhova, and coach was the rapper Serega.
Рэпер Серега переехал в Россию

“I immediately gave my consent – because of the rigid format, – told Sergei “StarHit”. But then I realized that I had something to share with the participants.

I’ve been fond of science. And in 2017 at the Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov lead a project to develop the most digestible diets on the planet.

The project participants were faced with a Spartan conditions. The full man initially weighed 250 lbs. And just over a month he took off 30! Sometimes, our workout began at 4 am and went to evening. That people are not fainted and do not clutched at his heart, I tried to evenly distribute the load. With the lucky place – was shot in Sochi, lived in the Olympic village.

Enjoyed working with Anfisa Chekhova, but I somehow shy”.

“With the other mentors of the project were often at odds, particularly with a nutritionist. I believe that there are calories that the body absorbs, and it makes no sense to count them. Also do not forget: we humans originally ate a miserable root crops. So red meat we don’t need”.

I plan to continue to do science and develop its own line of supply. In dreams – to feed our Olympians that they were healthy and hardy and no one in the world would have never accused them of doping”.