Rapper Serega arrested on suspicion of phone hooliganism

Рэпер Серега задержан по подозрению в телефонном хулиганстве The incident involving the musician took place at Vnukovo airport. According to police, Sergei Parkhomenko, known under the pseudonym Serge said about mining of the ship, EN route to Minsk.

      On Thursday morning it became known that some time after the departure of the ship, EN route from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport in Minsk, it was reported to the duty part of the police about a bomb on Board the aircraft.

      The press service of transport management of the interior Ministry in the Central Federal district said that the suspect who reported the mining of the ship was delayed. According to police, had previously been seen citizen who was late for the flight and asked the airport staff to delay the departure. He reported to the front Desk about the alleged bomb threat aboard the plane. Law enforcement found out the identity of the passenger.

      “He had tickets in the name of Sergei Parkhomenko, the best performer, working under the pseudonym Serge. Externally too similar”, – told the police.

      It turned out that this flight was to fly the rapper Seryoga, who was in Minsk planned a number of activities. Law enforcement reported that the man was taken to the police station for investigation. Have Parkhomenko can cause serious problems with the law. For such false threats and can be prosecuted under article 207 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. As punishment, the contractor faces a penalty of up to two hundred thousand rubles, and it can deprive of freedom for a period up to three years.

      Representatives of the artist has not yet commented on the incident. As stated in the police, RIA Novosti, the detainee Sergei Parkhomenko is a citizen of Belarus born in 1976. Likely, the offense will be reported to the respective foreign Agency.

      Rapper Serega known to listeners for hits “Black Boomer” and “Near your house”. At the moment, the musician works in the project “Shoes of GNU”, which produces releases in the form of animation.