Рэпер L’ONE написал трек к новому комедийному шоу
Theme music will sound in the project of channel TNT-4 “the Money or the shame.

  Рэпер L’ONE написал трек к новому комедийному шоу

Channel ТНТ4 is preparing for the premiere of the first
his project “the Money or the shame.” A sharp Comedy with the stars
production Comedy Club production starts on the channel on 20 July at 23:00. In
the moment shooting is completed, the program is at the stage of post production.

ТНТ4 preparing a summer premiere: analogues show “the Money or the shame,” according to
Director General ТНТ4 Gavriil Gordeev, on the Russian television there.
Under the program, each star gets his hands on a large sum
money, after leading a controversial comedian uncle Victor – the voice of the
Frank, ridiculous, and most importantly — the true facts of their lives. If you are not
wants to talk on any subject, it can pay off, having lost money. In this
case happening main choice — the money or the shame.

Theme music written L One. The rapper explained why he is not ready to accept
participation in the new show ТНТ4, but revealed some details of the creation of the track.
L One: “In the program to participate would probably not have come about, though, when he wrote
the music was solely inspired by the show. It really is all honest either
money, or the shame. With irony I have everything in order, just in some
the time to boil and easily fight leading uncle Vitya. I’m easily hurt.
History shows that if you got off on the wrong foot, it could end badly
for criticism. Although, in General, I have in the Arsenal button: “block.”