Rapper Husky suffered at the hands of bullies

Рэпер Хаски пострадал от рук хулиганов
Recently, the media reported that rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov, who all know under the pseudonym Husky, and Richard Semashko, acting under the name of rich, suffered from actions of malefactors.

Рэпер Хаски пострадал от рук хулиганов

Young people were in an abandoned building on the set of the clip in the Moscow region.

To them and their colleagues approached by three drunken men, and began to cling to the words of young people.

One of them took a traumatic gun and shot the musicians.

“It is not clear that they ever wanted. Rushed into the fray. I do almost immediately passed out, hit the gun on the head. I fell, deprived of consciousness. Woke up in the hospital, there he learned that the Huskies received a gunshot wound to the leg and that even our children suffered. Fortunately, my injury was non-hazardous, from the hospital in the same day I was discharged,” said Richard.

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