Rapper Guf publicly confessed his love ex-wife Ayse Anokhina

Рэпер Гуф публично признался в любви экс-супруге Айзе Анохиной The man recorded a track dedicated to ex-wife and her handpicked successor, Dmitry. Gough has hinted that he is extremely dissatisfied with his actions. According to the rapper, he wanted to make friends with Anaheim, but his attempts in what have not resulted. By the way, some users of social networks found that the Guf borrowed the main idea for Oxymoron.
Рэпер Гуф публично признался в любви экс-супруге Айзе Анохиной

Gough introduced the track “Line Up”. On the single cover hip-hop artist depicted the Yeti, which the artist compares. As the words Gufa, his new job is not a full song, a Diss is an expression of disrespect to the opponent.

Fans of the men came to the conclusion that he decided to publicly insult Dmitry Anokhin, her husband’s ex-lover ISA.

Rapper Guf conflicts with the new spouse ISA

“What will come of it, it’s not the track. The proposal to reconsider their views on everything. And I do not care what I decide and how! Evil? No,” – wrote the artist in Instagram.

Not long ago, the rapper visited his ex-wife and son on the island of Bali. In the work Gufa there are the following lines, which, in the opinion of Internet users, describe the events of his life:

You know what I’m talking about today…
I like serious Mr. Minister visited his family.
Well, all right, that’s my family.
ISA so mi, for life, I love you!

According to Gufa, Dmitry Anokhin nespravedlive towards him. “I’m willing to believe that you’re dangerous, I remember that conversation about Basica, but I’m not an insect,” said the rapper. He also made it clear that he is not going again to build a family with the ISA. The actor said that Dmitry will regret about his actions:

We’re not even familiar
I’m not trying to get back my ex.
Moreover, I will not be there after you.
But listen, big guy, I have two degrees,
You ran into a very stupid guys
Now you will regret it
Get it through your head!
I am the same Alex Guf, Centr.

The rapper said that not visiting unknown people without reason, but willing to make an exception for Anokhin. “My family still has you in captivity,” said Guf. According to the artist, he tried to find a common language with Dmitry, and even gave him two chances, but these attempts have not crowned success:

Could we communicate normally,
But now you got a enemy.
This track will not be on the album
He just smashed people.

Fans Gufa decided that he recorded a very successful track. “Clearly”, “Bomb”, “Family in captivity – hard”, “krasava”, “Fire”, “When is the battle?”, “The classics”, “Top”, “Level! And bit, and the text”, “Tears”, “Life” was discussed by the judges of creativity of the artist. At the same time, some social media users found that PFM got the idea from Oxymoron, released the track “Bigfoot and children” a few years ago. This song Miron Fyodorov compared himself with a snow man:

Want a thrill, sharp as a butterfly?
Incident, buy, consume.
And the kids are waiting my songs, as the first snow.
Call me Yeti, I is Bigfoot.