Rapper Guf publicly appealed to Keti Topuria

Рэпер Гуф публично обратился к Кети Топурия The musician congratulated close friend with the birthday, published in Instagram joint shot. He noted that the soloist of “A’studio” is the brightest person in his life.

The sudden statement Katie Topuria about the separation with her husband Lev Gamanam shocked her fans. Many of them are once again talking about a possible affair with the singer rapper Body. He denies any romantic feelings for the singer of “A’studio”.

However his recent post is dedicated to Katie, excited fans of the stars. The fact that Alexey Dolmatov, known as the Guf, he addressed the young woman a very touching message about her birthday.

“MA, I congratulate you! You are the bright person in my way! Thank you for all the good that did for me! All the best to you sincerely,” signed Alex combines the.

Fans immediately began to congratulate her happy birthday, along the way noting how well Katie and Guf together. “Is very beautiful. Would be a great couple,” “a Talented singer and a good person. They are just friendly enough to invent stories”, “I think they had an office romance” – said fans of the rapper.

Now the rapper is trying to spend all free time with son. He often posts photos and videos to the heir, while trying not to talk about his personal life.

Rumors about the alleged affair Keti Topuria and Alexey Dolmatov has appeared in the beginning of the year and provoked lively discussions in the Network. The musicians invariably deny such speculation, claiming that they are connected purely friendly relations. However, fans do not get tired to discuss the possible Alliance of talented artists.

We will remind, several days ago, Katie announced that it has parted ways with her husband, but managed to keep a good relationship with him.

Keti Topuria has officially announced the separation from husband

“Leo, thank you for the happiness called Olivia. I love you very much, even though we are no longer together, but we’re friends, we’re family and it’s forever”, signed Topuria joint photograph of husband and daughter.

After the announcement fans with a new force began to discuss a possible relationship Kathy and Guf. The singer is now focused on work and raising her daughter. The day before my birthday she posted a touching video in which little Olivia congratulates the mother.

Fans are confident that despite the breakup, Leo gaykhman and Keti Topuria will often see to make happy his heir.