Rapper Guf explained why rarely sees his son

Рэпер Гуф объяснил, почему редко видит сына Musician accused of Aizu in bitchiness. Gough said that the ex-wife is constantly scheming, which prevented him from seeing the child. Also the man made unflattering remarks about the nature Anokhina.
Рэпер Гуф объяснил, почему редко видит сына

Alexey Dolmatov, better known as rapper Guf, broke up with his wife ISA in 2013. In 2014, the couple officially divorced, but this does not prevent them regularly to remind each other old grudges.

Earlier Guf unflattering, spoke about the new man ISA, and she wrote to him of Diss. Apparently, the conflict between the ex-lovers are still not settled, and so Alex decided to return to the problem. During the holidays he read a rap on the balcony, put it in Instagram. The contractor again approached Anokhina, accusing it of bitchiness.

“Under the tail of the cat for ten years with a bitch. No doubt, thanks for the Sam, and the kid grows awesome. And we would be with him, even friends, perhaps, if not all of these mother’s scheme. Passed, I guess time will tell,” said Guf.

While ISA did not react to uncomplimentary remarks ex-husband. But the fans ambiguous reacted to his new creation. “I don’t understand why every time to come back to this subject? It has long been a new life, and Guf still can not calm down”, “Now begins a new stage in the war. Sometimes I think it’s all just hype”, “great REP, but about the former but he did so. It is after these words he never the son will not trust,” wrote fans Dolmatova.

By the way, a few days ago Guf officially confirmed his romance with Katie Topuria. On the pages of both stars in a joint Instagram photos. Fans came to the conclusion that next to the soloist of group “A-Studio” Alex has found long-awaited happiness.

Previously, the artist told us that Katy helped him recover from drug addiction. The young woman spent a lot of time to save Gufa from his bad habits. However, the rapper and singer have denied their romance.

Rumors about their secret affair began to appear frequently especially after Topuria divorced. Fans were sure that this happened because of her affair with the rapper.

Anyway, now the lovers spend all their time together. They often rest abroad, but I try not to comment on their relationship.

Ex-wife ayza Dolmatova also gained personal happiness. She’s married to a surfer does Anaheim, which gave birth to a son. The former beloved would have long been forgotten about each other, but they have a child together, and because of eight years do occur on a regular conflict.

Alex has repeatedly said that his wife prevents him to communicate with his son, and the ISA claimed that the ex-spouse is not so eager to meet the heir. The fans hope that the conflict in the family of the popular artist will end sooner or later, and they can forget about old grudges for the sake of a little Yourself.

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