Rapper Guf explained why permanently disappeared

Рэпер Гуф объяснил, почему надолго исчез The contractor asked the fans not to worry. According to the musician, he hasn’t been in touch for good reasons. Guf has not yet disclosed details of its activities abroad.

      A famous rap artist Guf, some time ago, gone out of sight of the fans. The musician rarely lecturing positions in social networks, so his fans began to worry. The majority of subscribers microblog Gufa began actively to demand from him new tracks and interested in his or her life. “Lech, what a calm friend? Everything is muddy, will present albums, tracks, music videos. You have something lurking, maybe there is inspiration, the Muse did not come? Watch. We think that the calm before the storm!”, “Soon the GuSli album is out, working on it – hence the lull,” “What’s missing” – worried followers, when the musician posted a picture on the background wall with graffiti without a signature to it.

      Guf decided not to torment the fans and explained that everyone will know soon enough. Having studied the landscape in the next frame, most guessed that the hip-hop artist in Israel.

      “Many people ask: “where have they gone?”, “what lull?”. I agree, a bit stalled. But believe me, it’s worth it. A bit of patience. Love you!”, intrigued fans of the rapper.

      After the concerts, which took place in the first half of October, Gough flew abroad. Currently, a musician working in the project GuSli. The rapper and his colleague slim after the collapse of the group CENTR created this Duo. Likely, fans of hip-hop is waiting for a new single or video. The musician did not regret that they now have to write tracks separately from the boys of rap enterprises. “Actually, I have made this decision, during the recording of the album “System”. I was not satisfied with everything, especially the scope and the time frame in which I drove. For two months made me write fifteen verses, and I do not know, I always have to think! Something has to happen in my life, before I write verse, is to stamp them as the pancakes I couldn’t,” said Gough about the last months of the existence of the cult of the draft CENTR.

      Recently the rapper is very difficult to find in Russia. In the summer he flew to Bali, where at that moment was his son ISA Dolmatova, Sam. He really misses the boy. “I am very sad without him. As she promised she would marry a surfer, take the child and I will never see him, so did he. I actually have to fly across half the globe to visit the boy, and now it seems impossible,” wrote the musician on social networks.