Rapper Guf conflicts with the new spouse ISA

Рэпер Гуф конфликтует с новым супругом Айзы The man had recently returned from Bali and decided to get in touch with subscribers. Guf had a very, very emotional broadcast in one of the social networks, during which he did not hesitate in expressions. Fans didn’t know how to react to his words.
Рэпер Гуф конфликтует с новым супругом Айзы

At the beginning of the live broadcast, the musician admitted that he was sick, so it’s hard for him to talk. Fans wished Gufw to quickly go on the amendment. After some time, the rapper stated that he did not have a relationship with her new husband ISA – surfer does Anaheim. According to the Gufa, he allegedly constantly sends messages with demands to leave his wife alone. The musician stressed that he maintained good relations with ISA for a common son of Sam.

“I’m completely sober and angry. Vacationed in Bali, damn it. I have not grown together friendship with this isinym man, excuse me for the expression, which says to me: “don’t write my wife.” You go. “Don’t write your wife?” It’s the mother of my children, you moron. I write it only for Sam. I don’t need it after you. Maybe I tresnjak, but it happens all the crazies in the fall. If I go crazy, I’m going to Durkee, will lie a month in and out, I could enjoy another two years,” said Guf.
Рэпер Гуф конфликтует с новым супругом Айзы

Fans Gufa was surprised by his harsh statements. Some of them speculated that the rapper decided to “trolling” subscribers. For others, the man had a fever, and he rashly said too much. At the same time, others came to the conclusion that Guf just tired and decided to share emotions with the public.

Conversing with followers, the rapper also spoke about recent statements by former colleagues in the group Ptakha Centr. For a long time now men are in conflict among themselves. Recently, the bird has caused the opponent to battle. In turn, Gough has hinted that he is not eager to take part in such games that have become so popular.

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Рэпер Гуф конфликтует с новым супругом Айзы“What? Battle with Bird? Hey, Borisovich (the real name of Ptah – David B. Nureyev – Approx.) let the Caterer to give me two million, because he has a lot of dough, and you have the desire to hypnoti in this battle. Two Leman and I will come and portlys. Answer. A restaurateur, for you it’s small money, because you’re changing “behi” (we are talking about cars BMW – Approx.) each “versus”. I hate all this cowboy office – and “the Word” and “versus”. I don’t need them, I’m by myself. You well know it. I’m a bully. I want two million and a new car, because I’m a life deprived of rights. You know? And you, “feathered”, I will come alone or with kids, and it will be your funeral,” shared the man.

Got and other famous rappers – inversion, T-fest and Kryptonite. “Who are you, I get pissed off?” – asked the man to colleagues. He remembered the case when Hook spoke negatively about the video for the song “Generation”, which became the first joint video Gufa and Timothy. “I treated you well, you went in my house. (…) More you never asked,” said the former participant of group Centr.

By the way, Gough has announced that it is gaining other artists on his own label. The rapper said that listening to the demos immediately after we celebrate his birthday – 23 September the man turns 38.

Later, the Creator of the project “versus” Alexander Timartsev, also known as a Restaurateur, said during a live broadcast from the rapper Lehi Copper, which agrees to pay Hufu and his opponent the Bird a decent amount.

“I think the conflict is rather doubtful and the guys just want to make money. I wrote today Gufo in a personal Twitter and then a message sent to him – got no answer. Maybe you can use this stream as a mouthpiece? Guf, three million will. I’ll give you two million, a million Bird, well, let’s do battle”, he said.

In addition, the Restaurateur posted on Twitter information about willingness to pay for Gufu for participation in a verbal duel.