Rapper Future suing Ciara for on

Рэпер Future подал в суд на Сиару

Ex-boyfriend and the father of the son of Ciara’s rapper futureline (Future) decided to strike back at his former lover. The contractor filed a counterclaim against the singer, which has denied her claims that he is responsible for the failure of her new album. Supposedly through a series of interviews and negative attacks on Twitter of Ciara’s album sales are not very high.
Recall that Ciara has filed a lawsuit against her ex, requiring it to $ 15 million for moral damages and the prohibition to slander her and her new boyfriend athlete Russell Wilson.

Рэпер Future подал в суд на Сиару
Futureline in a counter lawsuit States that could not harm the success of the “failure” of the album, because he “and so the day”, “like all creative work Ciara for the last time.” 32-year-old rapper not only went through the musical abilities of the singer, but asked her to cover the legal costs that he incurred as a result of her initial claim.

Рэпер Future подал в суд на Сиару
A few months ago, after the press got pictures of Ciara walking with his son and new bride, futureline was beside himself with rage, and were indignant about it not just on their pages in social networks, but also in numerous interviews. The rapper believes that the singer and footballer specially arranged this walk, to invoke emotion of the audience and raise their ratings.

Ciara and Russell Wilson

“I ask you not to use my son in your relationship and your advertising” — said the rapper.
Recall that Ciara never married futureline because of his infidelity with a mistress in 2014. The singer learned about the affair shortly after the birth of her son. Another week-second it took to understand the relationship and himself, and understood this to forgive she can’t. The pair parted with the scandal, and still does not communicate.

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