Flo Rida's son was in intensive care after falling out of a window The rapper commented on the incident.

Flo Rida's son was in intensive care after falling out of a window Three weeks Rapper Flo Rida's 6-year-old son fell out of a fifth-floor window in his New Jersey home where he lived with his mother, Alexis Adams. The boy was seriously injured and has been in intensive care all this time. Doctors diagnosed him with fractures of the pelvis and left leg, rupture of the liver and collapse of the lungs.

Flo Rida's son is in intensive care after falling out of window

Zohar's mother is next to him, and blames the management company for what happened, which, in her opinion, installed the windows incorrectly.
“As a single mother to a child with a special son, I am very worried. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I am angry at everyone! And I cannot come to terms with the fact that my only child was seriously injured due to the negligence of our landlord and others who did not do their job in good faith,” Alexis said.

When the boy was born, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus – the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the intracranial spaces. Those suffering from this disease may experience an increased volume of the head, problems with vision and the gastrointestinal tract.

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