Rapper Busta was heir to a multimillion-dollar state

Рэпер Баста оказался наследником многомиллионного состояния The actor said that he was approached by the attorney representing the deceased rich man. According to the lawyer, Vasily Vakulenko can get all the tools for that was the namesake of a deceased tycoon.
Рэпер Баста оказался наследником многомиллионного состояния

Basta rapper surprised fans with an unexpected post on Twitter. The musician posted the letter, which sent him a Georgie Baxter, the attorney representing the interests of the millionaire. The author of the letter invited the artist to ten million dollars as an inheritance.

According to the lawyer, Basta may qualify for a large sum because of its name. The fact that the deceased millionaire had the same name as the rapper — Vakulenko.

“My client grew up in an orphanage, he had no relatives. Also Marshall Vakulenko did not name the beneficiary, so he had no direct heir. I can imagine you as an applicant for funds,” – said the author of the letter.

According to the lawyer, such machinations are perfectly legitimate. However, Basil must keep this information secret in order to get what is due to him a sum of money. Georgie Baxter asks Vakulenko to write to him personally to discuss the details of a multimillion-dollar inheritance.

However, the rapper came to the conclusion that we are talking about an open provocation, so posted the text in social networks. The fans supported the artist, noting that he is certainly trying to cheat. “Just crooks, written by illiterate”, “Hardly written by a man with a law degree, as it is nonsense”, “don’t believe this pseudo-lawyer”, – expressed his opinion the fans of the musician.

A letter from a lawyer is really written with errors. Some fans Basta came to the conclusion that the text was hastily translated from English using a special program. According to fans, the author of the message was going to request from Basil a large sum for the support to receive the inheritance.

The artist himself did not comment on the situation. Basta writes frequently contradictory positions, accompanying them with funny comments. Besides, the man loves to talk about creative achievements and work plans. Fans are sure that Basil does not want anyone else, did not deserve the money, because he earns a good idea, being one of the most popular rap artists in the Russian show-business.