Rapper Busta lost Declo in court

Рэпер Баста проиграл Децлу в суде The men claim was partially satisfied. Cyril Tolmatsky applied for Vasily Vakulenko, to protect his reputation and to recover compensation for moral damage. Rapper Basta was obliged to give to the victim of 50 thousand rubles.

      Рэпер Баста проиграл Децлу в суде

      In early October, the star of ‘ 90s rapper Decl are offended by her colleague Basta for unflattering statements in his address. Vasily Vakulenko allowed himself in public, in the account of one of the social networks, to name Cyril Tolmachevo “hairy dick”. The man decided not to ignore such a trick colleagues, and therefore sued. The performer of hits “Vecerina” and the “Letter” demanded one million rubles in moral compensation for suffering and denigration of his reputation. Men are unable to negotiate peacefully. Today the court has pronounced a sentence – now Vakulenko Tolmatsky is obliged to pay the sum of 50 thousand rubles.

      Decl requires a million rubles from Basta

      “The court concluded. Oktyabrsky district court in its decision of 7 December 2016 decided the claim Tolmatskogo K. A. Vakulenko V. M. on the protection of honor and dignity and compensation of moral harm to satisfy in part, to recover compensation for moral damages in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. In another part of the claim to refuse”, – reported the news rapper Basta to his fans.

      Throughout the meeting, which was held in the hometown of Basil of Rostov-on-don, the man didn’t part with his smartphone and told the fans about what happened in the courtroom. Vakulenko admitted to his fans that he will accept any decision and will treat it with respect.

      Followers supported the rapper in a difficult moment for him. They were happy that the court is not obliged to pay the full amount that I wanted to Decl, but only a small part of it.

      “I think he’s a lawyer spent more”, “All this raging just to Decla remembered! Bad PR is also PR”, “decl Party at home! Walk on poltos all the boys of the district,” wrote the followers Vakulenko.

      Basil explained that in fact was the reason he made unflattering remarks about the rapper. Vakulenko told the incident that happened at the club. After a small conflict between the actors of the real scandal.

      “Cyril was a regular visitor to our club Gazgolder, came with his wife and small child. Everything was fine until, until he made the remark when he was, say, in a state of altered consciousness. He was asked to behave a little more cultured, as the club is home to all of us. This has happened several times, and then it wagged its tail and promised that he will pour dirt, – said Basta. – I responded, I think appropriately, called shaggy dick of a man who faked friendship and sympathy.”