Randy Gerber unusually congratulated George and Amal Clooney with the birth of twins

Рэнди Гербер необычно поздравил Джорджа и Амаль Клуни с рождением двойни

The husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford and business partner of Hollywood actor George Kluni Randy Gerber unusually congratulated his friend and his wife Amal Clooney on the birth of twins. As you know, yesterday morning the famous couple first became parents. Children Ella and Alexander were born healthy, the delivery was good, they are happy and relaxed from the done the hard way. But George, if you believe the words of the representative of the spouses, was not easy. He was nervous and now “he needs some time to recover”. Randy, who is with Cindy and has two children, understands the experiences of the other and decided to keep it a fun video that was posted on his page in the social network.

Рэнди Гербер необычно поздравил Джорджа и Амаль Клуни с рождением двойни
It appears Gerber a few times with a trolley full of boxes with diapers.
“A special formulation” — written by Randy under the video.

Recall that shortly before the birth of Amal George has canceled all previously scheduled things to be there at the crucial moment and not miss the birth of his heirs. Clooney waited so long for this moment, pledged themselves to care for the children. Amal had previously stated that it did not intend to stay long on maternity leave and soon will return to their business, but the actor is happy to pause in his career to devote himself to his kids and fully experience all the delights of fatherhood.