Ralph Fiennes: “My soul asks to Russia”

Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию» The British actor told “StarHit” when they start shooting a new film in St. Petersburg. Very soon the artist will begin work on a new painting of the Russian dancer. We were able to communicate with a celebrity in the town of Plyos in the Country, the Shaliapin festival, where he arrived for the third time.
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»

For the first time Ralph Fiennes was in Russia, when starred in the film by Vera Glagoleva designed by the play Turgenev’s “a Month in the country”. Since then, the actor fell in love with our country and culture, which, by his own admission, literally. Now Fiennes returned regularly to his beloved region and even teaches Russian language. This time, he came on a summer Festival named after Shalyapin in the picturesque town of ples in Ivanovo region. In an interview with “StarHit” Rafe said that he was inspired by our country and how he will surprise the audience in the coming months.

Rafe, you came to Plyos?
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»No. This is my third visit to the city. The previous two times I was in Plyos at the festival to the memory of Andrei Tarkovsky. Fell in love with this place, its atmosphere. Generally I’m always very pleased to come to Russia. I have many friends here. Besides, I worked here, starred in the film. It’s hard to explain, but on a subconscious level I realize that I am drawn to this country. Here the soul, art…
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»
This time you play as a Director. Tell us about your new project?
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»This film will reflect several chapters of the life of the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev. The period when he arrived in the Leningrad dance school, and after graduation went on tour to France, where he decided to stay and live. Thus, his first among the artists recognized the “defector.”—
Who will perform the main role?
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»Young Nureyev will play one of the leading dancers of the ballet troupe of the Kazan Oleg Ivenko.

When planning to start shooting?
Рэйф Файнс: «Моя душа просится в Россию»At the moment, the producer deals with issues of funding. I thought we’d start somewhere in the middle of August. Filming will take place in Saint-Petersburg and Paris.
Where are you so well learned to speak in Russian?
In fact, I still admit a large number of errors. My teacher was English, oddly enough. I have to learn the language. Lucky that I have many Russian friends with whom I communicate. Helps communicating with women. I have friends originally from Russia, living in London and Paris. And I taught the text of Ivan Turgenev, when he was starring Vera Glagoleva, and it was extremely difficult. I will improve in language and more, because I really like in Russia. Here I get inspiration.