Ralph Fiennes in St. Petersburg had supper in the restaurant wife Cord

Рэйф Файнс в Петербурге отужинал в ресторане жены Шнура

And enjoy traditional Russian drink from the leader of the “Leningrad”.

Restaurant Matilda Corded some criticize, say, a lot of pathos, and in fact the usual dishes – only the prices bite. But eminent Western guests Finally appreciated. So much so that only in Petersburg will come here for dinner to Mathilde going.

That Volan de mort of all times and peoples Ralph Fiennes for the second year in a row seen in “Kokoko”. And sent here not only for Russian delicacies, but also for traditional beverages in a special recipe from the leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov.

“Ralph Fiennes, Voldemort Martik favorite – admires Matilda in his Instagram. – By the way, the old place was also, it is possible to tell, our regular guest! Moonshine from Sergey Vladimirovich”.

In the restaurant “Kokoko” Fiennes looked at the end of September 2015.

“We quietly did, “AHHH”! We respectfully have attributed to his privacy (the right to private life. – Approx. edition) and did not make any pictures with him. But the world I need to say, because I’m still doing “A-Ah”!” – wrote Matilda Shnurova little more than a year ago in Facebook.

Also last year, Ralph Fiennes has visited on performances in the Maly drama theatre, looked into the Academy of ballet named after Vaganova on the occasion of freshmen “the First exit on the scene.” Rafe frequent in Petersburg is not just. He makes a film about the city, though, the plot keeps secret, they say, all the time.