Raisa Ryazanov admitted that she destroyed his first marriage

Раиса Рязанова признала, что сама разрушила свой первый брак The actress visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Raisa Ryazanov became famous after roles in “Day and all life”, “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “ghoul Queen”. Despite a successful career, in the biography of the artist had a lot of losses and tragedies.
Раиса Рязанова признала, что сама разрушила свой первый брак

With the first husband Yuri pervym Raisa Ryazanov met when he entered GITIS. As recognized by the actress in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi, an aspiring actor became the first man in her life.

“Long accustomed to each other… of Course, I was a girl. Not used to the man. I understood this mind and body resisted. I was 22 years old: I, like, supposed to be an adult woman, but was still a girl. We got married in the second year, lived for two years. Managed to give birth to son Daniel,” said the actress.

However, through the years, the couple Ryazanova and Perov collapsed. Raisa fell in love with the Director, which starred. The actress did not deceive her husband and admitted that her heart belongs to another man.

“I don’t know what it was – an obsession, a sickness? Passion can not be called, because it was too stiff, that is treason. To hide it was impossible. When I came to the site, and my eyes just sparkle, and all was clear. I despise girls-Actresses who have husbands, and they talk about their admirers, about his personal life. It was my happiness. Yuri eventually understood. To impose even love, he knew it. You can’t force yourself to love. Jura ten years, probably never met. May not cut the ends. Hoping that I’ll be back”, – said Ryazanov.
Раиса Рязанова признала, что сама разрушила свой первый брак

The actress never revealed the name of the Director who was in love. Their relationship lasted about ten years, but has not led to the creation of a family…

People’s artist of Russia also spoke about the heavy 80s and 90s. Then Ryazanov has practically ceased to act in films. She had to do as a cab driver. The Studio program “the Destiny of man” actress began some semblance of hysteria, when she remembered this period of his life.

“I will tell you how much I earned, doing the carting. It was 14 rubles and 15 kopecks! The money I could live for two weeks, could buy milk, a jar of butter. And nothing survived! Am I on Tver stood, was engaged in prostitution? When I was living my life and my baby!”- emotionally said the artist.

In the end, people’s artist admitted that he is now completely happy. She has a wonderful family, grandson Andrew has followed in her footsteps. The young man is studying at the Institute of contemporary arts in the acting Department. Raisa Ryazanova several decades of driving. The actress even participated in the race. In 2003, the people’s artist was awarded “Avtoledi-2003”. At the end of the program TV presenter Boris korchevnikov showed Raisa Ivanovna her portrait in youth. The actress commented on the frame.

“The girl in the photo to convince, probably, impossible. It is better to regret, but to do, what not to do. And the most important: “Do not be sorry!”- said Ryazanov.

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