«Радужная Рапунцель» покорила Instagram

Rainbow coloring for the second season never goes out of fashion.

How to become popular? The secret to Tricia Reubelt is simple: to be in trend. 31-year-old Australian became a star, sharing with subscribers in Instagram a photo of your hair!

With 11 years Trisha raised hair and just recently decided on a bold experiment and cut 30 inches! However, their difference followers did not notice, because the Australian hair below the buttocks!

Reubelt recognizes that it receives pleasure from his experiments with bright hues. Tricia is constantly experimenting with new colors and even glow in the dark tried!

For staining of 31-year-old Australian does not resort to the help of stylists, don’t trust them. Together with their friends girl skillfully cope with the colors and trying new colouring techniques.

Despite the constant coloring, hair health Tricia does not suffer: the Australian fundamentally do not use the Hairdryer and stylers, as well as the locking means.

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