Radulov re-married, and Ovechkin and Malkin postponed wedding

Радулов вновь женится, а Овечкин и Малкин перенесли свадьбы “StarHit” how is the preparation for the celebrations of hockey stars. Alexander Radulov and his chosen bride awaits the ceremony on mount Olympus, and colleagues of the athlete is Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin – are forced to reconsider their plans.

      Радулов вновь женится, а Овечкин и Малкин перенесли свадьбы

      This year three eligible bachelors will be less. Famous hockey players Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Radulov will tie the knot with your favorite girls. Now the first two are fighting for possession of the Stanley Cup. And if Malkin has already received it in the 2008/2009 season, Ovechkin, who in 2009 was among the 10 best players in the National hockey League’s decades – never. The result of the battle, we learn in mid-June, when will be the last round of the playoff series NHL.

      But the two-time world champion Alexander Radulov has recently been found in the center of the scandal – he did not appear at the appointed time on base against Russia. Later, the athlete did, however, belatedly, apologized to the coach and explained the reasons for the violations.

      Alexander was not declared in the composition of the team for the first matches of the championship, and who knows if he can recover from his injury and to go on the ice in the tournament in the future. Only in the early summer, the hockey players will go on a holiday and will be able to plunge in personal life. “StarHit” how is the preparation for the celebrations of hockey stars.

      A feast for the whole world

      In fact 29-year-old Alexander Radulov left the stag company a year ago. Loud but there was no wedding. The main coach of CSKA and the 22-year-old gymnast Daria Dmitrieva secretly registered the relationship in August, and in November the couple had a son Makar. Now, when the baby is a little older, the couple decided to publicly announce my happiness and throw a feast for the whole world. The celebration will be held June 4 in a suburban estate.

      Радулов вновь женится, а Овечкин и Малкин перенесли свадьбы“Both are outstanding athletes, – said the “StarHit” the organizer of Queen Victoria. – Alexander is one of the best Russian players, Daria silver medalist of the Olympic games, so we chose the theme of Greek mythology. It will be a wedding of the gods!”

      According to Victoria, near the pond will break the tent in the form of a Greek temple. The couple will arrive on the white cars with gold fish. The newlyweds plan to put on a specially built platform, performing the role of Olympus. All the staff will be clothed in white toga. The invitations for the guests also pointed out that the owners of the holiday will be happy, if they choose appropriate clothing. It is expected 160 people.

      “The first bride in a dress in the style of Greece, and then will change into European dress, – Victoria continues. – But Alexander in a Greek toga to persuade failed. Stopped at the classic suit.”

      Registration will be away, near a picturesque pond. Sasha and Dasha combines matrimony… the voice of heaven. “Of course, symbolically,” explains the organizer. – The divine voice of the Registrar we pre-record the audio at the right time enable”.

      Can be arranged a Banquet with caviar, sturgeon and other delicacies. The highlight of the program will be the performances of relatives of the newlyweds. Several songs will be performed by the rapper Basta, a longtime friend of Alexander. Also will sing a group of “Artik Asti”, which is a fan of Daria.

      Everyday work


      Радулов вновь женится, а Овечкин и Малкин перенесли свадьбы

      Another hockey player, 30-year-old Alexander Ovechkin, and his bride, 22-year-old Anastasia Subsky, the daughter of actress Vera Glagoleva, we had to postpone the holiday because of the Stanley Cup.

      Alexander Ovechkin would get married with Anastasia Subsky

      “For a hockey player these competitions are the same in importance as the Olympics, told “StarHit” a friend of the pair, Barbara Amosova. – Sasha and my fiancé Dima Orlov play in one team “Washington capitals”, only Ovechkin striker and my defender. We are family friends. Anastasiya and I see her almost every day together watching the game. Sasha Nastya made an offer hands and hearts, they live together and they are fine. Of course, in the near future we are waiting for the wedding, but when is still unclear. Now the main thing – the Cup. The more Sasha and Dima’ve been playing in this team and never won in the playoffs of the National hockey League. We successfully passed the second round. Last, the fourth, will be held in mid-June. That’s when it ends, then it will be possible to deal with other things. Nastya strongly supported their men. They prepare breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. Encourage words. Sasha’s parents flew in to be there.

      The Central striker of the team “Pittsburgh penguins” Evgeni Malkin did offer a TV presenter Anne of Masterovoy last year. The couple plans to start preparing for the celebration in August, when he would rest after tournaments. “Yet even with the country not yet decided, says “StarHit” the brother of hockey player Denis. – There is a season. Parents are now with Eugene”.

      Evgeni Malkin will be a dad

      “My husband and I would like that the wedding took place in Russia, but the guys are considering different options: and Miami, and Monaco, and Moscow, – shared the athlete’s mother Natalia. – One thing is for sure: it will be a lavish feast with lots of guests, flowers and a dress with a train”.

      Last week it became known that Eugene and his girlfriend are preparing to become parents. The first-born hockey player and TV presenter will be born in a few weeks, because the girl is already at an impressive stage of pregnancy. Apparently, the lovers get married when the baby is born.

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