Рейчел Макадамс втайне родила сына
The actress became a mother for the first time.

Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams, star of “Sherlock Holmes” for the first time became a mother: the actress gave birth to a son. The exact date of birth is unknown, as official statements, neither Rachel nor her boyfriend
Jamie Linden did not. The news that 39-year-old McAdams gave birth to first child,
spread only after she appeared with Jamie and the baby on
the audience in the café.

However, the secrecy of the actress are not surprising, because she had never been inclined
to inform strangers about my personal life. About the pregnancy of the actress
only became known in February this year, when she was already seven
month. And this information became public knowledge not because of the statement
McAdams, and after fans saw her when she was having dinner with
boyfriend in trendy Stapelhouse in
Atlanta. Belly actress had already managed to grow something to hide it
she failed. Interestingly, when one fan, also came to dine at the restaurant, walked up to Rachel and tried to tie it with McAdams conversation
she failed. The actress said only that he did not know the sex of their
unborn child, then pointedly turned away to the side.

McAdams has managed to build a relationship with her boyfriend so that
reporters almost didn’t find out about them. It was known only that she began
meet Linden, a screenwriter by profession, in early 2016. Anyway, in the first
once saw them together in April of the same year. However, at official events
during this period they do not appear even once.