Рейчел Макадамс и Бенедикт Камбербетч плакали 8 часов подряд
Communication actors ended with a headache and dehydration.

Rachel McAdams and Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo: Outnow

Rachel McAdams and Benedict Cumberbatch met on the set of the super blockbuster “Doctor strange”. The actor plays in this film a successful neurosurgeon, in a career which put an end to a terrible accident. In search of healing, he discovers his incredible ability to transform space and time. And Rachel plays the role of his assistant nurse. The actress admits that working with Cumberbatch became for her emotional turmoil.

“Benedict is a terrific actor, says McAdams. When he started to cry or worry, I myself was weeping. Once we are with him eight hours in a row roared — on every take. His emotion is impossible not to respond. In General, often to the end of the shift he was already sobbing from the hellish headache and dehydration. Perhaps those are just my personal. I remember my mother-a nurse treated his responsibilities. How she suffered and cried if something didn’t happen. Of course, I’m not. But have a great respect for all the doctors and nurses, who can both do his job, but also to experience emotions.”

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