Куинси Джонс рассказал про гомосексуальный роман Марлона Брандо с Ричардом Прайором

Actor Marlon Brando was bisexual and there is information about the then his homosexual novels. Among those who loved this legendary artist, is African-American comedian and writer Richard Pryor. This was announced by the musician Quincy Jones, who was well acquainted with both.

Куинси Джонс рассказал про гомосексуальный роман Марлона Брандо с Ричардом Прайором

“He went with our company to the dance. You know, Brando was incredibly charming and attractive. He could have sex with anyone, even with a mailbox. James Baldwin, Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye,” listed Jones lovers Brando.

The relatives of the actor had no immediate comment on the statements about the novel, but the widow Richard Pryor — Yes: she confirmed that her husband and Marlon Brando was indeed having an affair. It happened before they got married. Disclosure of the novel Jennifer explains that her late husband never hid the fact from friends of his bisexuality, so is unlikely to argue against the fact that his relationship with Brando learned everything. It turns out that her husband didn’t hide anything. He kept a diary in which he described his homosexual love Affairs — this diary Jennifer plans to publish next year.

“It was the 70s! Everyone was on drugs. And if you take cocaine, it will fuck and refrigerator,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer had to go through drug and alcohol dependency of her husband. He fought with them all my life. Once it came to arson. Actor, being in a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication, doused himself with rum and set on fire. Fortunately, he was able to save.

Richard Pryor is considered one of the most influential and important stand-up comedians. He was married seven times (and some women twice), and he was left with seven children. Marlon Brando, who once and forever entered the history of world cinema, too, had many amorous adventures: three official marriage, countless girlfriends, 11 kids… and his bisexuality, the actor did not hide:

“Homosexuality is already so long in Vogue that it’s not news. I, like many other men who were homosexual experimentation, and I’m not ashamed. I’m always a little worried that someone will think about me. You know, if people want to think that Jack Nicholson lovers, let them think. It’s funny,” confessed the actor in 1976.