Quiet laminate — new 2017

Тихий ламинат — новинка 2017 года

In the laminate, perhaps, one drawback — the noise while walking on it, but with the advent of the quiet laminate in the world, it was almost perfect.

There are several reasons why laminate flooring noise: unreliable locks, presence of voids, poor substrate, unprepared for laying the surface. Despite this, even the most active advocates of peace are still unable to opt out of this type of flooring, because its range is so great, and the price is affordable that will be able to choose even the most demanding customer. On the website http://spb.aport.ru/laminat/cat5706 you can examine the list of products of different brands at different prices.

Тихий ламинат — новинка 2017 года

German brand HARO decided to make the lives of the fans of the hush laminate, creating the quietest coating in the world and making a real breakthrough. Innovative flooring TRITTY Silent CT has a unique isolation system which reduces noise levels by 60%. Having a large number of experiments, it was found that currently the quietest laminate flooring in the world.

Regular walking on the laminate, not to mention children’s games, accompanied by a noise, but TRITTY Silent CT, you can forget about the discomfort in the house there is a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

The laminate consists of adhesive strips which are securely fastened to the floor, leaving no gaps, voids and cracks. And with the use of special sound-insulating substrates, the products of the company HARO much quieter traditional counterparts.

The manufacturer boasts a 10 mm top layer thickness and a guarantee of 25 years. This type of laminate is suitable for floors with Underfloor heating and comes in 80 colors. The manufacturer awarded the HolzLand Award, and the magazine Heimwerkermagazin gave an assessment of the products “Very good”.

In addition to low noise, laminate flooring pleasant tactile sensations, it’s easy to pack (Top Connect), ready for operation immediately after installation.

To choose the laminate flooring you need by following the practical recommendations, after examining the proposals of the market. And good advice on the choice of a wide variety of goods can be read on the blog http://blog.aport.ru/.