Quentin Tarantino had a fight with his girlfriend because of the kids

Квентин Тарантино поссорился с подружкой из-за детей
Director long forgotten Uma Thurman.

Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Rush


As it became known, a friend of Quentin
Tarantino — Israeli model and singer Danielle
The peak gave him an ultimatum, tired of waiting, when he finally decides
to create a family. And waiting for the answer left Los Angeles. This was reported by the reporter pagesix.com,
staying current with information the information from one of her friends Danielle.

Quentin and Danielle met for a long time —
eight years ago. But then after a short
courtship they parted. Tarantino switched on first, Uma Thurman, and
then designer Courtney Hoffman. The famous Director actually always
popular with the ladies. In addition to the above two beauties, he was
novels with actress Mira Sorvino, Director Sofia Coppola, actress Vanessa
Ferlito… But last year, when Quentin and Hoffman broke up, he decided not
to look for a new girlfriend, and to be reunited with Danielle. According to the informant
edition, Tarantino Peak load with presents of jewels, including a stunning ring and
necklace, which she loves to brag to her friends.

And it would be great if Danielle does not
Quentin said that she wants a baby, not ever, and in the
soon. However, Tarantino was severely disappointed favorite. He said that
also wants to have offspring, but … sometime later. Daniella waited for a while, but Tarantino
still “playing for time”. And then Rush Packed his bags and left, saying
Quentin at parting that she would come back only if he changes his mind. Considering
that Quentin has turned 54, it probably makes sense
hurry up, if he really wants kids and is going to live up to them
the age of majority.