Queen of hearts: what we learned 20 years after the death of lady Diana

Королева сердец: что стало известно спустя 20 лет после смерти леди Дианы Princess of Wales died 31 August 1997 in a car crash in Paris. Twenty years have passed, but still remember. On the sixth of September she was buried in Althorpe. What actually was the most famous woman of her time? Myths about her are born and debunk constantly. “StarHit” gathered the most popular.
Королева сердец: что стало известно спустя 20 лет после смерти леди Дианы

Myth. In a child, the future Princess was called “shy Di”.

Nickname in the press became “official”. Do not agree with Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer: “first, no one at home her name was Dee. Secondly, she was not timid. One day while fishing in Scotland, we caught a huge conger eel – black, with long teeth. He fought at the bottom of the boat, all trying to get away from him. And Diana took a knife and butchered him on the ear. The courage this girl was not to occupy. With people she’s kept a low profile, look to strangers before giving them a rating and choose a course of action. Most likely, it was taken for shyness”.

Королева сердец: что стало известно спустя 20 лет после смерти леди Дианы

True. From Diana developed bulimia because of Prince Charles.

“It started a week after the engagement, says she Diana on the audiotapes from the archives of her biographer Andrew Morton. – Putting his hand on my waist, Charles said, “And here we have fat”. His words started the psychosis. When I first called vomiting after a meal, happy like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.” On bulimia of Diana in the Palace knew before the wedding, and Charles was led to a deterioration during the honeymoon. Diana found that it took eight thick books – were going to take a reading of the time had to dedicate to the bride. A slice of wedding cake Princess Diana sold at auction

“His behavior husband strongly emphasized that I’m not good enough, inadequate, said Diana. – I thought that I will never be able to please him, his family, people. People wanted to see a Princess who solves all problems and turns dirt into gold.” In desperation, Diana was cut, and during the first pregnancy purposely fell down the stairs. “I slid right under the feet of the Queen, said the Princess. – She was terrified.”

True. ROman with Lady Di would send her bodyguard life.

Diana believed that the death of her former bodyguard Barry mannakee in 1987 was not accidental. The story of the first illegitimate love she has recorded for the teacher of elocution. “I was about 25 years old when I fell in love with a man who worked in the Palace, – said Diana. – I wanted to quit, to run away with him. Jealous and bitchy attendants spilled the beans. He was fired, and three weeks later he was dead.” She claimed that 39-year-old maneki had not become her lover, but, according to another version, the bodyguard was kicked out of the Palace after Diana caught in a “compromising position”.

Barry died in the crash: a motorcycle, which he rode with a passenger, collided with a car. He always came home to his wife and three children in the car, but this evening a colleague from new work convinced him that the bike faster. “Culprit” of the accident, Nicolas COP, which escaped a fine, claims that the car was in the middle of empty streets, and it was impossible not to notice. The blow broke manaki spine, while his colleague went to the hospital with injuries for two days. The testimony of a single witness was not in any record. Later the young man became paranoid and killed himself.

Королева сердец: что стало известно спустя 20 лет после смерти леди Дианы

Myth. Nhakanune the death of Diana has received a proposal of marriage.

Until 30 August 1997, Diana was doing her hair in the Barber shop of the Paris hotel Ritz, Dodi al-Fayed bought from a jeweler, Repossi gold ring with a diamond. However, the accompanying Dodi a member of staff Claude Roulet’t heard a word about the engagement. According to the Wheel, al-Fayed couldn’t decide whether to give decoration to Diana, and if you give, when. After the tragedy, we found the ring in Dodi apartment on the street arsène USS, where the heir to the Harrods Empire went with Diana on the last night of their lives.

Dodi hardly wanted to call Diana married. Exposing novel show, both pursued a practical purpose. Dodi day used Diana for advertising the family business, and spent the night with model Kelly Fisher. Diana, who broke up with the Pakistani doctor Hantom Khan after two years of secret affair, maybe looking for influential Muslim in the role of the father of the child, which was expected from Khan. The statement of the French police officer that at the time of death of Diana was pregnant, was neither confirmed nor refuted. The lifeguard told about the last words of Princess Diana before her death

True. DIan has collected dirt on the Royal family.

After the tragedy, the sister of Princess Sarah Butler Paul Burrell was found in her apartment a box of mahogany. Inside lay audio recordings and documents that Diana had collected in case the Royal family wants to take care of it. According to rumors, there was a Frank letter to the Duke of Edinburgh, all papers, and taken Diana personally, the testimony of the Valet, who raped a confidant of Prince Charles. In addition, the Princess bound materials for another “incident” that, according to her, could put an end to the British monarchy.

It was assumed that lady Sarah promptly destroyed the box. However, a few years later it turned out that she gave it for safekeeping to Paul Burrell that uses the dirt in the same safety purpose as the Diana. If the former Butler will be something unpleasant, we will probably learn a lot about the British Royal family.

British special agent repented in organizing the car crash with Princess Diana