Королева Латифа сыграла Урсулу в «Русалочке»

It was a moment we’ve been waiting for. Queen Latifah is absolutely killed on the spot with his version of “Poor unfortunate souls” during a performance of “the little Mermaid live!” We don’t deserve such an Ursula!
49 – year-old Queen Latifah closed the show with the moment start to sing “Poor unfortunate souls” during “the little Mermaid” in a live broadcast. She commanded the stage from beginning to end. She became the iconic villain of Disney and made a rather wonderful way. Complete with gray hair in original coiffure Ursula, and black latex dress Queen Latifah came on stage and owned it. Her vocals were powerful and absolutely unforgettable.

Королева Латифа сыграла Урсулу в «Русалочке»
Queen Latifah played together with Ariel of Aulie Cravalho during “Poor unfortunate souls”. The song is sung at the moment in Ariel, where she makes a deal with Ursula to three days to turn her into a human. All she needs to do is to give Ursula his voice for the three days. But there is a catch, Ariel must receive the kiss of true love from Prince Eric in order to remain human forever. If you’ve seen the movie, you know how the story ends! Hint: joyful happy ending!

Королева Латифа сыграла Урсулу в «Русалочке»
Aulie told in one interview that she is looking forward to the speech of the Queen Latify. “I can’t imagine that Queen Latifah is going to bring to this role. She just exudes confidence. I can’t wait to see it,” said Aulie in August 2019 during the summer press tour TCA.

Queen Latifah and Aulie played in “the little Mermaid” live! together with Graham Phillips, who plays Prince Eric, John Stamos, who plays chef Louis, and shaggy, who plays Sebastian. Live musical event on ABC, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the animated Disney movie included songs from the original movie and Broadway production. During the broadcast of the film was included in the live broadcast. “The little mermaid Live!” kept us riveted to the first statement.

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