Queen hands over his powers to Prince Charles

Королева сдает свои полномочия принцу Чарльзу
Elizabeth will take the place next to her husband

Королева сдает свои полномочия принцу Чарльзу

Elizabeth II


Prince Charles


It’s been announced that Queen Elizabeth refused
their traditional right to lead the annual ceremony on Memorial Day
Fallen Soldiers, which in Britain is celebrated annually on 12 November. She trusted this
honor to his eldest son Prince
Charles. This message made a strong impression on the subjects of the monarch,
she declined to fulfil their role in the ceremony, only the fifth time in his career. The first time it happened
in 1961, the year when she made a visit to Ghana. The second on the case
a visit to Brazil. And the third and
fourth — due to the fact that she was pregnant. First — in
1959, when she was carrying Prince Andrew, and then — in 1963 — Prince Edward.

In the end, the Queen will take this time spot on
the balcony of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs next to her husband
the Duke of Edinburgh. We recall this spring, the husband of Elizabeth announced that
Sep retires.

Many took this act of the Queen, as
the next stage of the transfer of his powers to Prince Charles. However, as his
time said the Queen, she is not going to shirk your duty to the
last breath. So the resignation of Elizabeth is not expected. However, given the substantial
the age of the Queen, which the following spring marks 92, it is obvious that
it is farther away, the more it will delegate its powers to other members
family. That will give her the opportunity to at least spend half a year in their favorite
countryside estates — Balmoral and
Sandringham. However, Charles, who and so has already become the most “dolgozok”
heir to the throne in British history, will have to wait before he
will take his place on the throne.