Queen Elizabeth is losing ground

Королева Елизавета сдает свои позиции
The family of the monarch had already begun to celebrate Christmas.

Королева Елизавета сдает свои позиции

Prince Harry, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William


As it became known, Elizabeth
II delegates some of its responsibilities to the young
members of the Royal family. Representatives of the Buckingham Palace announced that
the Queen will no longer be a cartridge 25 or more organizations. This was announced
edition people.com.

The process of gradual failure
from extremely active, which, despite its age,
the Queen led until recently started in the last year. And here in this
year, celebrating its 90th anniversary, Elizabeth has taken the next step. And,
a large part of the duties she has passed on to Prince Charles and his wife
Camille, as would be expected in the order of succession, and Prince William,
the Duchess Catherine and Prince Harry. That once again raised doubts in
that the next king will be Charles.

Prince Michael Of Kent

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Among other organizations, William inherited the patronage of the sports organizations — Association Swimmers and Welsh Club Rugby. Katherine, as expected, has been the patron of the British Club’s Tennis and Croquet, which is a direct organizer of the Wimbledon tournament. Rumors that the Queen is going to give Kate this honorary position it has occupied for more than 65 years, went back to the beginning of this year. But now it was announced officially.

This information appeared at one time stating that at Buckingham Palace held its annual gala dinner. This event, in contrast to the celebrations at the Royal estate Sandringham, gathered the Royal family enlarged, including not only all children of Elizabeth and her grandchildren, and other relatives, among whom was the Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent recently visited Russia with his wife and has two adult children.

Of course, were at the dinner and Prince William with the Duchess Catherine and children George and Charlotte. As previously reported, according to available information, this year, Christmas itself they are going to meet not Sandringham with the Queen, and Backvery — relatives of Catherine — Middletons clan. So this lunch was an opportunity for them to celebrate with Elizabeth and other members of her family.