Королева Елизавета II приказала научить Меган Маркл этикету

Royal wedding behind us, but this is not the end. The most difficult is waiting for the former actress is found. Now she became an official member of the Royal family and must behave. The girl needs to forget old habits that do not conform to Royal Protocol. To learn everything yourself it can not, therefore, Queen Elizabeth II ordered to teach Megan all the rules of etiquette.

Королева Елизавета II приказала научить Меган Маркл этикету

The Duchess of Sussex will be studying at senior adviser to Kensington Palace Samantha Cohen. Megan will not be easy, because Samantha is a strict teacher and recognizes authority. In its history there is a case when she refused to invite Victoria Beckham to the Royal party. In its opinion to be rich is not enough in order to participate on the event of this level.

In a six-month course, etiquette is more practice, which will be held in travels and meetings with various charitable organizations. Samantha will teach Megan to behave in high society. “Megan is asking advice from a range of people. She is going to act very restrained and to be submissive. This training will be quite intensive and active,” says a source at Kensington Palace.

Королева Елизавета II приказала научить Меган Маркл этикету
Intensive and strict the teacher is not afraid of Megan, because she was used to the grueling work.

Looks like the post-wedding party for Megan was the farewell, now the former actress, society does not know. Recall that to relax with friends and family, the couple are at a party organized by his father, Harry Prince Charles.

For the event, Megan was replaced by wedding gown to another outfit, more convenient for guests. In front of photographers, she appeared in elegant and stylish white dress from Stella McCartney. At the reception there were about two hundred people, including Priyanka Chopra, the Beckhams, Elton John, James Corden, Oprah Winfrey, Amalia and George Clooney, and many others.

The party did not miss the opportunity to be Elton John, who was present at the wedding ceremony. While the rumors about the ledge of the Spice Girls was not confirmed. According to insiders, the leading wedding was James Corden. Guests partied under DJ sets, played beer ping pong and watched the fireworks.

What party without speeches? Told them Prince William, Harry and Megan. The bride thanked the Royal family for what they were so warmly received her.

To eat, guests were able Markle favorite treat — lemon cake. Also at the event were served a cocktail “When Harry met Megan”. After the event, guests were given white Slippers. What you need after dancing.