Queen Elizabeth has jeopardized the reputation of the grandson

Королева Елизавета поставила под удар репутацию внука
Prince William desperate.

Королева Елизавета поставила под удар репутацию внука

Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth involuntarily
put her grandson Prince William in a very awkward position. The fact is,
that the orders of the Queen in the Museum in the manor Sandringham opened the exhibition
products of ivory. And this despite the fact that the grandson of Elizabeth, which soon will celebrate its 91st birthday, long ago declared himself a fighter against
the extermination of the elephants.

Opened exposition
dedicated to the 70th anniversary of India’s independence. It is a collection of more than a thousand exhibits — a variety of articles of ivory, presented to the Royal
the family of the Indian aristocrats in the XIX and early XX centuries. Among them are
very unique things, like carved Desk clock or bell,
suspended on two elephant tusks.

the opening of the exhibition William was in a difficult situation. Because he is still in 2015
(during his visit to China) called upon all States
to ban the ivory trade. “Ending
trade of the tusks — it means to give to elephants
the chance of survival. No fashion can not justify the extermination of an entire species. It
appalling that elephants and many other species can disappear during the life
of the current generation. The disappearance of elephants, rhinos and other endangered
animals will be for humanity is an irreplaceable loss”, — said William.

to his home in London, he began to persuade his relatives to destroy
collection of articles of ivory as a symbolic act. But it
the proposal was never implemented, and now the ill-fated collection is still on display as the pride of the Royal family… And now, according to William,
his whole thing turned out to be irreparably compromised, and his very
could be accused of hypocrisy.

Prince William