Quartz-vinyl PVC tile. It goes halfway around the world, among them — already 5% of Russians

Кварц-виниловая ПВХ плитка. По ней ходит полмира, среди них — уже 5% россиян

In the modern world where the market of building and finishing materials are a huge number of manufacturers, suppliers intermediaries, a large number of materials of various quality and in a wide price range, the person who finally decided to redecorate, choose quality materials very difficult. Materials which would serve for a long time without losing its originally stated characteristics, which would have cost adequate money, and that would not poison the living space and would be environmentally friendly without any reservations.

Кварц-виниловая ПВХ плитка. По ней ходит полмира, среди них — уже 5% россиян

As a rule, the decision on the beginning of repair, we begin to gather information: shoveled the Internet, ask friends, view television programs on the repair and construction. The risk to get as a result of inaccurate and frankly false information is quite high.
So, for example, TV shows will be praising the product, the manufacturer is paid the money for his advertising. And it is logical that we will hear only the positive side of the advertised product. With possible adverse face themselves when buying this product and, so to say, “we’ll see him in action”.

The information in the Internet at all very often all the articles of the companies, extols his goods and, of course, is silent about some of the nuances. However, I must say that a lot of negative reviews do not stop to write against each other competing company.

Perhaps you can listen to the “knowledgeable” people will tell you. However, invited to the ad for repair, the foreman and the builders are unlikely to be objective. As shown by years of observation and experience, in most cases, they will advise you not the same materal that is necessary in your case, and the one for which they receive a “kickback” from their supplier. Your timid objections (if you initially had other opinion and priorities in the selection of materials) children will find plenty of convincing arguments, and in the end you’ll probably give up, after all, “was the opinion of an experienced specialist…”.

Кварц-виниловая ПВХ плитка. По ней ходит полмира, среди них — уже 5% россиян

Therefore, we need to admit that to choose the consumer today is very difficult.
Surprisingly, more or less truthful and objective information you collect thanks to the “Gypsy-mail”. Reviews friends, relatives, work colleagues that have recently undergone repair “circles of hell”, will help to make you a certain ranking products from “super food, but incredibly expensive” to “it does not try to watch it even these cents is not worth it!”.

So, anyway, personal experience is personal experience. And until you try a piece of candy, don’t know tasty or not. Now that your candy was delicious and the finish is not a disappointment to bitterness when choosing floor coverings, we recommend to pay attention to quartz vinyl floor covering, or (slang name) vinyls.

What are the vinyls?

The vinyls — this is the most up-to-date flooring. It is interesting that the novelty has very solid experience in a variety of areas as the Soviet times and contemporary Russia — more than 30 years!

Кварц-виниловая ПВХ плитка. По ней ходит полмира, среди них — уже 5% россиян

The vinyl is made from primary organic vinyl. Raw materials and its quality control are of the highest importance, which is confirmed by the ecological certificates of many developed countries.
The vinyl is absolutely moisture resistant. Has the 43rd durability class (for example: a laminate only has a 32-m class). This indicator allows you to use the vinyls for more than 20 years in domestic use, and about five years when used in commercial premises. All the positive reviews about winlame heard from the lips of our happy customers, negative studiously evading competitors.
The secret of long-term operation of our product — it is the right quality and styling. And this job could be done by any person, figuratively speaking, and grandfather, and a girl, the main thing — to strictly adhere to the instruction on packing, which is located on each box with vinilla, and even better — watch the video on our website or YouTube videos on proper installation and operation. Receiving video information, you will understand what is vinyl flooring, and will understand how to correctly install and operate.

For more in-depth and detailed advice you can come to our office at the address: Moscow, ul Skladochnaya, 1, Stroenie 5 (business center “Guilder”), of. 310, or call by phone +7(495)664-52-22. You will receive detailed information on any question regarding vinilla, its installation and operation. If you are in another city, by calling, you can get all the information you need to know the address of our partner in your city, come and choose the texture and color and product and purchase it.

If self-styling vinilla for you is not an option, you can use the services of professional masters-fitters of our company. Quickly, qualitatively and with a guarantee they will lay the vinyl in any room.

Come, meet with us and our product! “Try,” vinilam taste, we are sure he will not disappoint you. For many years you will remember that I made the right choice and made the right decision, placing the vinyls on the floor. Good luck!