Гарантии качества, широты номенклатуры и доступности сортамента из нержавейки: что еще предлагает Euroinox

Stainless steel products will hardly lose its relevance due to its versatility and quality. And the company Euroinox, as the leading supplier and the representative of the European manufacturers that are ready to provide customers with such assortment.

Immunity to corrosion of aggression, the ability to use any treatment methods, hygiene — here are some of the advantages of ensuring the demand for products made of stainless steel.

This versatile material (rental of products, parts) that are actively used in almost the entire spectrum of industrial and commercial industries from construction to food industry. All these areas are interested to work with reliable and responsible supplier such as a Corporation Euroinox.

What do you expect from a mix of stainless steel and the company Euroinox?

Customers stainless steel products/articles interesting:

  • Quality assurance.

Is the observance of the rules of doping, predetermined share in the steel composition of chromium (12%) and related components, accuracy of manufacturing of a product technology, etc. to Check all this before applying and/or operation is difficult.

But you can navigate to the certificate and documentation on the origin — Euroinox gives them all the products and each customer. Guarantee of the quality of speakers and partners of European producers (their reputation, the authority, the period of presence in the market), the product which it represents.

  • The breadth of the range.

Choosing on http://euroinox.ru/productsiya/nershaveyushii-metalloprokat/shveller for example, the channel, the customer wants to see it in several versions according to the grade of steel used for its manufacture, the dimensional parameters, the form of shelves, the inclination of the faces, etc. it is Important and representation in all areas of the assortment — rental, connection/valves, accessories, etc.

The company Euroinox guarantees this latitude range, offering more than 3,000 positions. The firm provides and the second facet of the quality of the range is its affordability. In a predominant amount and a sufficient quantity of assortment of stainless steel is present in the warehouses (in the capital and St. Petersburg), the company that guarantees timely completion and shipment of your order. In the absence of products with the required parameters and properties, shipping from European suppliers does not exceed three weeks.

Bonuses from Euroinox

Company Euroinox are provided with convenient and favorable conditions of cooperation, fair prices and such “bonuses” as:

  • prompt and guaranteed shipping to Russia (well-established cooperation with reputable carriers from Kargoekspress” to DHL) for contingent prices;
  • interesting client and promotional programs (the list of goods for special prices constantly not less than 35-40 items);
  • loyal and convenient payment schemes (the availability of the staged payment of the order, full of grace, etc.).

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