Pyotr Fyodorov was first told about the relationship with the bride

Петр Федоров впервые рассказал об отношениях с невестой The actor was not afraid to discuss my personal life. Pyotr Fyodorov meets with beloved Anastasia for more than 10 years. Despite the complete idyll, the lovers are not in a hurry to the registry office to formalize the Union.

      Петр Федоров впервые рассказал об отношениях с невестой

      Popular actor Peter Fedorov for twelve years lived in a civil marriage with his lover Anastasia Ivanova. Despite the fact that a couple together for a long time, the artist rarely shares details of his personal life with reporters. Now Theodore decided to talk about the relationship with the beloved.

      The actor often has to play in spicy scenes, but Anastasia was sympathetic to such episodes, as fully trusts him. Pyotr Fyodorov refused sex scenes with the bride Bondarchuk

      “Sex in cinema — it is a Toolkit, which the story will develop. If you want to show a love story between the actors needs to be chemistry. You understand that love is not only passion, but the more fundamental feelings. Mutual respect. In our relations with Nastya it is present. In General, when you meet “the” person, jealousy issues fade into the tenth plan,” says the star of the TV series “Club”.

      The actor admits that it’s difficult to be a real man, but for the family he is ready to do these heroic deeds. The artist is grateful to destiny that I met Anastasia. Peter remembered that his relationship with Anastasia, began when he decided his place in life.

      “At the moment I have found myself. When you’re in your seat, you form the correct mesh of the circumstances around, and everything comes together. You find your mission, your life’s work and “his” people,” – said Fedorov.

      The famous actor is happy that for 12 years in his relationship with Anastasia, there is complete idyll. However, the man calls his beloved to the altar. Relatives await the day when the couple will have a baby. At the end of 2015, the friends of Fedorov told “StarHit” that a man builds a country cottage, where he planned to live with the civil wife.

      “The most important thing in relations is trust and respect. Support of loved ones is very important, and for itinerant filmmakers especially,” admitted Peter to the journalists Womanhit.