Петр Федоров спас голивудскую звезду от голода
The film “Baby” was in the main festival program of short films “in Short”.

The Film “The Kid.
American Superman” — Director Vlad Kozlov. Chris — a child from the orphanage who wanted to conquer Hollywood. The dream of a child become
known turned. Chris Dennis was the first who appeared on
the famous Hollywood Boulevard — the Avenue of stars — in the image of the beloved
the hero — a Superman and thanks to the amazing resemblance to Christopher
Reeve, became a hero. Chris cloak was adorned with the autographs of almost
all Hollywood stars, from Stallone to Sharon stone and Robert De Niro.
But one day the life of Chris has changed dramatically: the bullies beat him up, robbed and
burned suit. Chris suddenly became homeless.

an amazing coincidence, the first one who helped Chris, became
actor Peter Fedorov. The Russian actor was represented in Los Angeles shooting “Duelist”, and learning about
Chris came to give you some money. On them, Chris bought the boots for
new suit. When
Fedorov returned to Russia, Peter and Chris continued to talk on Skype and
during one of the inclusions the actor played a new friend on the balalaika
and promised to give her when he will come to Russia.

the days of Fedorov saw again Chris, this time on the screen. The film “the Kid” got in
the main festival program of short films “in Short”, the jury
which was Fedorov. So, the balalaika is still waiting for its future owner.