Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2» Their faces and bodies will remain long in the memory of the tele-viewers. For all the years of existence of the transmission decided favorites among the female audience. “StarHit” invites you to remember the most seductive guys from a reality show.
Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

For many years the project “Dom-2” remains one of the most popular on the Russian TV. squabbles between contestants and their fates are increasingly concerned about the audience. The most popular TV show won at the end of the 2000s, and many of the heroes still remember the girls. “StarHit” gathered the brightest and most sexual participants “House-2”.

Andrei Cherkasov

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

The young man first appeared on telestroke in 2007. Then he tried to build a relationship with Olga Agibalova, but it was not successful. Then he moved on to her sister Margaret.

Andrew was born in the Kemerovo region, and later his family moved to Moscow. His father served in the army, was a military officer, a veteran of the Afghan war. Mom Cherkasova worked as a Secretary. the young man was also in the army.

On the TV show he tried to build relationships with many popular girls, and his manly appearance attracted ve more and more poklonnits. Recently, however, it only attracts Cristina Donkey.

“She quickly found language with my mother when we came to her birthday. For me very important and beloved parents. Although I am not a sissy, but for me this is, after all, not everyone is able to find a common language”, – said Andrei.

Alexander Zadoinov

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

The guy from Yaroslavl appeared on a television show in November 2007. Before that he managed to have a baby. A girl named Anastasia. But then family life Sasha did not work, so he went to look for happiness on the project “Dom-2”. Zadoinov could not choose a beloved. The guy remembered by the audience not only a beautiful body and a sharp temper. He’s been in a fight, and sometimes deceived other participants in the project. It was kicked off the show. First Zadoinov long tried to build a relationship with Eugenia Feofilaktova, but nothing came out. In 2013, the year when Sasha came to the telestroke in it’s the fourth time, he began to achieve Elina Kamiren. They never formalized the relationship, but became the parents of daughter Alexandra. Now Elina is a single mother with a child, and Alexander is trying to get regular child support. According to the latest data, Cameren wanted to deprive him of parental rights.

Alexey Samsonov

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

Alexey Samsonov came to the project in 2011. The man was born in Volgograd. Before the advent of telestroke he has managed to have a baby. When Samsonov was 18 years old, his son was born. With the boy’s mother, they lived for four years. Now Alex supposedly does not communicate with the boy.

During his stay in the reality show, he often became the hero of scandals. Since many years ago, he played sports, professional Boxing, it was desirable to engage in skirmishes. Women drew attention to the masculine participant. Samsonov tried to build a relationship with Eugenia Feofilaktova and Elina Kamiren. However, any of them, he never left.

Julia Maulina came to the project in 2013. Slim blond managed to win the heart of Samson. Despite the contradictory relationship, they married, and in 2017, they had a son. Now Samsonov tries to spend all of the owl family.

Ilya Grigorenko

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

23-year-old Ilya Grigorenko has quickly captured the attention of viewers. Young people often shared photos with bare torso in social networks, which leads to the delight of his fans. The guy came to the project on 7 February 2014. He drew attention to Tanya Kirilyuk, despite the fact that the girl is older than him by several years. He had thought about the wedding.

“Marriage is good, it’s very cool! If I find a girl that will love, all things are possible. I want to be married to 25 years,” said Ilya.

Now Grigorenko happy in a relationship with Alena Ashmarina, but sometimes they had difficulties. Now the couple is expecting a baby. Alena and Ilya were able to resolve conflict issues.

Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

Wenceslas is one of the most odious participants in a reality show. Some of the audience the young man is delight, and others disgust. For the first time on the project the guy on the passport name is Yaroslav Screws, appeared in 2009. He tried to convince everyone that owns paranormal powers. In 2011, he managed to marry Ekaterina Tokareva. “I’m sure Kate completely, but sometimes I really go crazy. Yes, it is an easy paranoia, but I can’t help myself,” said Wenceslas during a relationship with a girl

However, their marriage did not last long, and after six months they broke up. Vengrzhanovskiy periodically comes to the TV show, which is undoubtedly sativae ll on the ratings of the show. Despite the absence of pronounced muscles, women literally melt from his charm.

Sergei Pynzar

Until the project “Dom-2” Sergey was engaged in dances. He was raised by a single mother in Dnipropetrovsk. Pynzar looked great without clothes, so he soon began working in Nightclubs. In 2008, Sergey came to the TV project “Dom-2”. Sexy brunette wanted to compete for the attention of Victoria Karaseva, but she did not respond to his attentions. After several failed relationships in the reality show he met Daria Black. It was she who became his wife in 2010. Now the couple are raising two sons.

Alessandro Matarazzo

Пынзарь, Черкасов, Самсонов: самые сексуальные мачо реалити-шоу «Дом-2»

Alessandro Matarazzo, whose name is on the passport of Alexander Kurisko, came a few times on the telestroke. The man was ready to build a serious relationship when she appeared on TV in 2007. At first he wanted to conquer the party telestroke Olya Sun. But she didn’t like the guy who’s overly fond of sun tanning and wore effeminate things. Olga Sun: “I don’t Have time to get married”

After it was revealed the false story from Alessandro, he was kicked out of the project. However, Materazzo back on the scene two more times. In 2009, he wanted to produce the female trio, composed of Elena Bushina, Natalia Varvina and Alexander Kharitonov. But success has not achieved. The third time the guy came to the project with the girl, Svetlana Davydova. After a while they got married. In 2009, they got married and went to live in the United States. In 2018, the couple filed for divorce. Alessandro himself noted that initiated it.

Evgeny Kuzin

Evgeny Kuzin remembered by the audience with her charisma and sense of humor. In 2008 he appeared on the popular TV show. During your stay on telestroke he was trying to Woo Nadya Ermakova, but she didn’t appreciate his efforts. Then he started Dating Rita Agibalova. Their relationship was very difficult, as the cousins were willing to change the beloved that caused scandals. However, in 2009, he married Rita and they had a son Mitya. Now the couple has long been divorced, but the ex-participant of the project continues to educate the child. Jack is happy with another girl, Sasha, who he met during his last stay on the show “Dom-2”.

Sergey Sichkar

Sergey Sichkar is one of the most muscular guys of the TV show. He was a member of the reality show in 2013. The guy even managed to become a “Man of the year”, beating Sergei Pintara. However, his fate was less successful. Sichkar was serving a sentence in prison. He doesn’t like to remember that period of time.

“I believed in friendship, but in vain. I did not seem criminal what we’re doing, because I was not privy to what was going on. I went to the car, which gave me comrade, but it turned out it was stolen. A friend wrote a confession and with him took me. Like, he is a lawyer and so got… Believed this man as a brother… Now don’t trust anyone”, – said Sergei in an interview with “StarHit”.

Now it Sichkar is back on the project, as it always gave the show high ratings. For a young person active voice in the application of channel TNT.


Anton Gusev was one of the most popular macho man of the TV show on the Internet. His relationship with Eugene Feofilaktova was watched by hundreds of viewers. Anton was able to conquer a girl, whom looked after many other “stallions” telestroke. Feofilaktova agreed to go with him to the altar. Anton gave the impression of a decent guy who likes a healthy lifestyle. However, in 2016 Gusev broke up with her despite the fact that they raised a son Daniel. However, the heart of Anton long was free. He soon started Dating another ex-participant of the project, Victoria romanet. Last summer they played a secret wedding. Now Vika and Anton played team sports and encouraging the public to sexual images.