Putty and plaster in the construction

Шпатлевка и штукатурка в строительстве

In the construction of putty and plaster played an important role not only in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also the creation of a favorable ecological situation in the area, protection of the elements of the structure from the negative factors. So their competent selection directly affects the quality of finishing works, the beauty and the atmosphere in the room, the durability of the structure.

Шпатлевка и штукатурка в строительстве

Modern finishing materials

Putty and plaster are used for leveling surfaces and decor. There are tools (for outdoor use) and interior of the mix, and they are distinguished by composition, method of application and structure. Use tested materials from leading manufacturers that will ensure maximum quality and convenience in the work and you will get a perfect result without much hassle.

Plaster mixture used for sealing large defects, the alignment of the walls with large swings horizontally or vertically. Also plaster is used for rough finishing of brick, concrete surfaces. It has a rough coarse structure. Putty is used to seal small cracks. Its application is more even and smooth surface due to fine structure.
Interior designers use various techniques for decorating walls and ceilings with plaster and plaster: textured and embossed patterns, color visual effects.


Шпатлевка и штукатурка в строительстве

To create a perfectly smooth surface to apply the plaster, which is a fine plastic mass by addition of polymers. When using it it turns out perfectly smooth surface without bubbles and cracks, a layer can be sanded, unlike plaster. However, to seal large cracks and irregularities it is unfit.

Putty is a kind of cosmetic cover, is available in ready-made or dry, and is divided into universal, specialized lining and decorative. The quality of the finishing material depends on a healthy microclimate in the building. Because some polymers used in the compositions to impart plasticity can be toxic. Besides the poor quality of the mixture will bring a lot of trouble, almost never applied to the surface and very quickly come into disrepair. Save here inappropriate. Choose construction materials in specialized stores, where professional consultants will help you, and prices are beneficial for consumers, thanks to the direct supply from manufacturers.


The plastering of the walls allows to increase heat and sound insulation, thus giving the appearance of evenness. Decorative plaster combine all standard features with aesthetic appeal.

Plasters are applied in thicker layers than the filler form a solid screed due to its coarse dispersion, but the surface is more rough. On plaster you can apply a coat of primer (for better adhesion) and smooth over the putty, thereby obtaining a perfectly smooth and durable surface for further work (painting, pasting of Wallpaper, application panels, tiles).

Quality plaster lies easily and holds firmly, does not crumble over time, resistant to adverse factors. There is already a ready to use mixture that must be diluted with water to manufacturer’s recommended proportions, but some artists choose formulations independently, to achieve certain effects: moisture resistance, heat insulation and so on. Manufacturers made it easier for professionals and have created a special plaster mix, applied in special conditions.

In order to choose the best suitable plaster for your property is the easiest way to consult with experts specialized construction shops. They will take into account all the nuances and recommend the best option individually.